Multi Tenant Conferencing Solution Flourishes Healthcare Industry

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VoIP technologies could help the best VoIP development companies to find impressive VoIP solutions. These VoIP solutions can be used by any business to take care of different actions related to communication and collaboration. One of the most renowned VoIP solutions is the multi tenant conferencing solution.

The multi tenant conferencing solution is a web based software solution, which provides a wide range of features along with the capability of performing audio, video, and web conferencing. The multi tenancy feature lets it increase connectivity and control between more than one branch of the same organization or group of companies or partners that use this solution altogether.

The multi tenant conferencing solution can be used by any industry vertical to leverage multiple benefits. Today, in this article, we will talk about the use of this solution in the healthcare industry. We will take the example of a hospital for better understanding. However, don’t get confused as it is useful to all different organizations and institutes in the healthcare industry.

  1. Better connectivity

The multi tenant conferencing solution provides a powerful tool to connect all medical facilities and hospitals with ease. Healthcare meetings and seminars are often conducted locally and internationally. Also, in each hospital, the dean or higher authority conducts weekly or biweekly or monthly meetings with different departments and staff to take necessary actions on various aspects. The multi tenant conferencing solution can be really beneficial here. It provides an amazing range of communication features. It allows audio conferencing for the doctors or staff members that are not in the town or cannot have access to the internet. The video conferencing can be used to have an experience of face to face meeting. In the video conference, presentations can be given, files can be shared and many other activities can be done to increase engagement and fruitfulness of the conference or meeting.

  1. Remote health consultation

Whether we consider the case of rural areas where the medical facilities are almost zero or we talk about metropolitan cities where everyone is running out of time, it is difficult to go for regular check up and medication. The multi tenant conferencing solution removes this roadblock. It introduces audio and video based remote medication. Of course, for certain things, the patient needs to visit hospital or laboratory, but the routine consultation or things can be done via the conferencing software. This saves time for people that are not having much time and it works like a miracle for those village people that are not getting quality health facilities.

  1. Remote training

Life has changed a lot. Pollution, stress, dust, unhealthy food, unhealthy habits, and so much more is there to make people really very sick. Complex medical cases and never seen before diseases have become common. Thus, it is necessary for doctors to keep updating their knowledge. The doctors need to learn from specialists from other cities and sometimes from other countries as well. The multi tenant conferencing solution paves the way in the remote medical training sector. It provides a perfect solution to conduct training sessions which can be recorded and referred later. It can also be used to discuss complex medical cases with other specialists to take their opinion.


These are the top 3 benefits of using the multi tenant conferencing solution in the healthcare industry. There are many more pros of using this solution in this industry vertical.

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