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Business communication takes place with different modes of communication and SMS is one of the most effective modes of communication. If statistics are to be believed then, according to the top statistics, an SMS gets read within 3 minutes of its receipt time. Also, 2 out of 3 SMS get responded. These statistics prove that an SMS receives a more open rate, engagement rate and response rate. That is the reason, almost all successful companies use SMS to send an important message to their customers and prospects.

The SMS broadcasting solution is a system to send a single text message aka SMS to a group of people. This makes the task of sending an SMS to hundreds or thousands of people fast and easy. With usage of an SMS broadcasting solution, one can broadcast an SMS within a few clicks. The SMS can also be personalized if your SMS broadcasting solution development company has added that feature. If your SMS broadcasting solution doesn’t have the personalization feature, you must get it developed.

The SMS broadcasting solution comes with an array of features to simplify the process of mass texting. Below is the list of key features one can get into the SMS broadcasting solution:

  • Dashboard
  • SMS campaign
  • SMS templates
  • Contact management
  • Broadcast SMS
  • Schedule SMS broadcast
  • Schedule a recurring broadcasting campaign
  • Retry on failed attempt
  • Reports with details of
    • Delivered SMS
    • Failed SMS
    • And more

The SMS broadcasting solution comes with an easy to use graphical user interface which makes it extremely easy to use. Anyone from the team can be trained to use the SMS broadcasting solution. I personally love the retry and report features. In case of network failure or any other circumstances, if an SMS can’t get delivered to the recipient in the first attempt. One can configure it to try two or more times to send the SMS. The report feature gives a complete detail for each SMS. This information can be used in defining marketing campaigns, customer care services, sales campaign and other campaigns as well.

As we all know SMS – a Short text message is much more effective in many cases than a complete professional email. Thus, usage of the SMS broadcasting solution can benefit businesses in conveying a message more effectively and in a faster way. Along with effectiveness, the SMS broadcasting solution also provides productivity benefits. Even if one needs to send an SMS to 500 or 10,000 contacts, it can be sent with ease and in minimum time. This makes it convenient to use, reduce the errors in sending the same message to multiple people in parallel and save a lot of time. This is really beneficial for the businesses to increase overall staff productivity.

The SMS broadcasting solution can be used in different use cases such as,

  • Sending monthly update
  • Sending an alert
  • Sending an announcement
  • Sending a marketing message
  • Sending a greetings message
  • Sending an invitation
  • Running a short poll
  • And more

There are many businesses which are getting benefited with usage of the SMS broadcasting solution and yours can be the next!

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Sandip Patel – BDE
Author works as BDE at Vindaloo VoIP Solutions (VSPL) since 2016. Sandip has 10+ years of work experience in VoIP Software Development Industry. VSPL is VoIP software development and solutions provider that offers FreeSWITCH, Kamailio, OpenSIP, WebRTC and Asterisk Development.