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As time and technology has advanced, the businesses have started expanding its reach. All businesses deal with the customers, vendors, prospects, investors, agents, resellers and what not and that too beyond geographical boundaries. All of them can be in different cities, states and even in different countries. The technological advancements like conferencing solution helps in keeping the communication ecosystem keep going. As we all know the conferencing solution is a software or a web based solution, which allow more than 2 people have a conference call. Not only, this, it also lets these people share their screens, documents, presentation, etc. Furthermore, the conferencing solutions are provisioned with a lot of other features and controls to make the conference experience better.

The advancement in the conferencing solution is the multi tenant conferencing solution. It is furnished with more advanced features than a simple conferencing solution. Moreover, it has a really amazing feature, called, tenant support. It means the main centralized system can create the tenant accounts. In simple words, we can say the main admin is the central office, which has all controls of the conferencing system. The tenants are the branch offices, which you can aka call sub user in simpler language for the sake of understanding. The main office aka admin has controls to create multiple tenants aka sub users. Also, the admin can grant access of features. It means if the admin wants the New York office to have a functionality of audio and video conferencing, then it can grant the same. On the other hand, the New Jersey office will have only audio conference and no video conference and their access will be restricted to audio conferencing. The main central office aka admin can also restrict the usage of features or define maximum number of allowed participants in the conference or total number of call minutes, etc. In a nutshell, in the multi tenant conferencing solution, the main admin has the power to revoke and grant accesses. This facet of the multi tenant conferencing solution empowers the MNCs and conferencing service providers with an extensive level of control.

The multi tenant conferencing solution has all features of conferencing solution along with some additional features. Below are some of the key features of the multi tenant conferencing system:

  • Web based access
  • Remote access
  • Audio conference
  • Video conference
  • File share
  • Image share
  • PIN authenticated conference
  • PINless conference
  • Conference starts when host arrives
  • Conference starts when the first participant joins
  • Music on Hold
  • Raise hand
  • Dialout participant
  • Mute
  • Unmute
  • Active speaker display
  • Recording
  • Polling
  • Voting
  • Phone book
  • Mail notification
  • Reports
  • And many more

The multi tenant conferencing solution is generally available with white labeling and it can also be used to provide the conferencing services to the customer as a new revenue generation channel.

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