5 Must Have Features in IP PBX for Small Business

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5 Must Have Features in IP PBX for Small Business

VoIP technology offers amazing cost benefits and convenience to small businesses. These features become a great contributor to the growth of any small business. One of the most useful VoIP solutions is the IP PBX solution that provides unified communication tools to SMBs. If you are aware of the amazing benefits of the IP PBX solution and thinking to get one, then this is a must read article. In this article, I will share the top 5 must have features in your IP PBX solution to assure you can leverage maximum benefits and returns.

  1. IVR

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is one of the must have features in your IP PBX solution. It works as auto attendant and attend all calls with the same energy and professionalism. This system will automate certain tasks as well as it will be available 365*24*7 to attend your calls. It effectively routes incoming calls and remove need of a call attendant. Even if you have a small organization in which you have a single person to attend different types of call, the calls will be routed to the same person, but the caller doesn’t know this. Thus, the IVR system can be used to create a bigger image of your organization.

  1. Conference

In a business scenario, you will often need to have a conference call with multiple people such as your team members, client and vendor. The conferencing solution will make collaboration seamless and fast. Moreover, it will create a better image of your business by staying available with your team for customers and having professional conference. You will also save a lot of money by using an IP PBX solution for conferencing over traditional system.

  1. Find Me Follow Me

This is an amazing feature that assures each important call is attended. This feature of the IP PBX solution lets you set multiple numbers to be ringed for an incoming call one after another. For an example, if an executive doesn’t pick up his desk phone, the system will ring his mobile number. If he doesn’t attend the call on his mobile, the system will call another employee who can attend the call on his behalf. This way this feature assures that all important calls are attended and you never miss any opportunity.

  1. Dashboard

A dashboard gives you a quick summary of all ongoing operations. You can view all important statistics from the Dashboard quickly. Thus, your PBX solution development must include custom dashboard to include the stats which are the most important for you.

  1. Reports

The most powerful feature of any VoIP solution is its reports. The call reports can help in gauging the use of telecommunication infrastructure and other important metrics to make important business decisions.


You can get many features in the IP PBX solution, but you must ensure that you get these 5 most important features to get the best returns.

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