How to Engage a New prospect In a Web Conference?

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Web conferencing solution is an online application by which live presentations, business meetings, conferences, and training sessions are conducted via the internet.

Virtual presentations are a double-edged sword.

When trying to create an impact on a prospective customer, it is very important to create a  good first impression. It involves choosing the right web conferencing solution to host the presentation, understanding how to use it efficiently and most importantly, creating a systematic presentation to engage customers.

Below are some key points used in virtual business meetings to captivate more prospects:

1.Creativity is essential

Creating a presentation that includes only text and information is no good. Instead, customer engagement and participation should be of prime importance. One way to break the monotony is by including games, videos, puzzles and quizzes in the presentation. This helps in keeping the customers actively involved in the presentation and adds a fun element as well.

2. Using visuals instead of text slides

We all are aware of the famous idiom – ‘One picture is worth a thousand words’. Nowadays, people are obsessed with the latest GIFs and memes. Visuals help to capture people’s attention in a business presentation. Using graphs, charts, pictures, media clips and diagrams in the presentations is an effective way to achieve customer engagement. You can also show a video within the web conferencing solution platform to increase engagement. However, care must be taken not to overdo it. An ideal presentation consists of 1-2 high-quality images per slide, to sum up, the main theme of the topic.

3. Using fonts and colors that are easy to use

While creating a presentation, it is not necessary to have a design background that is visually appealing. The slides should have a simple standard look so that the target audience has visual consistency throughout the duration of the sales presentation.

4. Creating an emotional connect with the audience

Creating an emotional connect with the prospective client helps in closing a deal. Can this really be achieved in a web presentation? Yes, one great way to achieve this is through a quick one minute video. The video should explain who are you, what does your company do and how doing business with your company is mutually beneficial. It should be used as a value-added feature in the presentation. You can also use a video conference feature, generally available in many web conferencing solutions.

In order to implement the above, one needs to use the correct web conferencing solution. 

The web conferencing solution offers a rich experience to captivate customers. It is a virtual platform that gives users access across all devices. By using the web conferencing solution, one can add animations, pictures, and videos to enhance the presentation. It also makes it very easy to keep the prospect engaged and active by using live chats, polls, Q&A rounds, screen sharing, and whiteboard discussions.

The web conferencing solution also comes with video conferencing software. This connects two or more participants live through face to face interaction featuring audio and video content transmission in real-time.

The web conferencing solution is regularly being used by several businesses because it improves efficiency and quality of interactions which leads to a boost in sales.

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