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Fax Server Solution Development Services for Business Benefits

Faxing is still a necessity in some industries. For example, all legal documents have to be faxed or physically sent as per the law. In simple words, faxing is still alive and email can’t replace it; at least not in nearer future. However, the innovations in technology have brought a comprehensive solution for the same and we can help you to get that solution to leverage a plethora of benefits. Read on to know more about it.

The traditional faxing process needs a lot of investment in physical fax machine and related stationery. One needs to setup this fax machine which would occupy space in the office. To send a fax, one needs to follow a predefined set of steps. Moreover, if multiple people need to send faxes, all of them need to stand in a queue. All these steps related to traditional faxing process are expensive as well as tedious. The solution is the FoIP Solution.

What Is FoIP Solution?

The full form of FoIP is Fax over Internet Protocol. It is also known as Fax Server. It is also popularly known as, virtual fax server or soft fax solution. The FoIP solution transforms the traditional faxing process into a digital faxing process. It allows the businesses to send the fax via internet protocol. It is pretty much similar to the process of sending an email. However, on the other hand, the receiving party will receive a fax. Also, the fax server solution gives all the benefits one would get with a digital solution such as email. Some of the benefits of using the fax server solution are listed below:

  • It doesn’t need a physical fax machine setup. One can send a fax from the convenience of his or her desk.
  • The FoIP solution can be accessed remotely. It means one can send a fax from anywhere, at anytime.
  • The customization in the fax can be done with ease. The fax server solutions come with a lot of features which let the FoIP solution users to send professional faxes. For example, one can send color fax and one can easily add cover page or end page with a single click. One can also have saved fax templates which can be reused based on the need.
  • The fax server solution can be integrated within the email system. Once this integration is done, one can send a fax by sending an email. Also, all the faxes sent to a business fax number will be delivered in the email.
  • The expense of hardware and stationery can be removed as this is a software solution.
  • The employees will not need to stand in the queue as they can simply send the fax from their desk. If there are multiple faxes in the queue, it will stay in a virtual queue. The fax server solution can also be configured to send multiple faxes in parallel. This will result in increased productivity.

There are many more benefits of using a fax server solution over a physical fax machine. To build a reliable fax server solution, you would need an expert who knows the nitty gritty of FoIP solution development and we are glad to share that we can help you in getting the best fax server solution with our expertise. For more details, please contact us.