Features Needed for iOS App Development for Food Delivery App

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Features Needed for iOS App Development for Food Delivery App

Ordering food sitting in your bedroom and getting it delivered at your doorsteps is probably the best thing that the modern day technology has provided us with. The business of delivering on-demand food from different restaurants is currently doing great. For any restaurant chain, having an online food ordering and delivery system is a must nowadays. Now, food delivery apps can be developed for both, Android and iOS platforms. In this article, I will talk about the iOS application development. Here’s a guide for iOS application development for food delivery application programming which help you to get the best app in place.

For any iOS app development project, it is important to know what the app needs to do. What features it must have and what should be its main objectives.

Must have features of an iOS application for food delivery:

Be it any food delivery application, some basic features are common for every application. The must-have features for iOS app of food delivery are as below:

  • Sorted categories
    If your business focuses on iOS application development for food delivery, then it must provide the user sorted categories to choose from. These sorted categories can be in terms of location, in terms of cuisine or in terms of the prices. It depends on the user on which basis he or she wants to find food to order. The iOS application development must be smooth enough to handle requests both, from the server and the user.
  • Options for payment
    iOS app development must include all available options for payment. The most common payment methods include:
    1. COD
    COD aka Cash on Delivery is the most preferred modes for the customers. This payment option accepts cash from the customer at the time of order delivery.
    2. Net Banking
    The payment option for net banking must include all the banks. The iOS application development must include redirecting option directly to the original website of the bank selected by the user.
    3. Credit Card / Debit Cards
    The app must include the option of accepting credit and debit card payment.
    4. Online Wallets
    Many apps keep an option of payment through online or digital wallets. This again is a popular option amongst the customers.
    Whichever payment option the user selects, the iOS app development should focus on a safe and smooth transaction process.
  • Order confirmation status
    The iOS application development must have the feature of confirming the order placed by the user. It should also show the estimated time for the order confirmation as well as the estimated delivery time.
  • Order tracking
    Order tracking is a new feature which is being introduced in the food delivery apps to help the customers get an idea as to where their food is and how much time it would take to reach them. iOS application development usually uses GPS tracking for this feature.
  • Rating and Feedback
    Any iOS app development must include a rating system which uses the customer experience for future reference. A feedback portal also helps in creating a better user interface app.
  • Chat window
    Any issues related to the order are resolved in this special feature offered by the best food delivery apps.

Once the features are figured out, the iOS application development is easy. It follows the same process as any other application development. It uses the concept of on-demand app development. The iOS application development is a great way by which small restaurants can grow their business faster.

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