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FoIP Digital Solution for Your Faxing Needs

Many people think faxing is outdated, but think again if you are thinking so. There are many industries in which, faxing is a mandatory protocol that has to be followed by all companies and organizations. The fax machines are heavy and expensive and it has many limitations. It is very difficult to manage a fax machine in the office and what about that queue of people that are waiting for their turn to fax the documents. Well, the solution is available and it is a FoIP solution, also known as a fax server solution.

The fax server solution is perfect for any organization, even for those who are not having big offices to set up a fax machine or work in a virtual environment. The FoIP stands for Fax over Internet Protocol. It is a software system that uses internet protocol(s) to send and receive faxes. It provides all, in fact, more features for faxing and it also removes all concerns related to the traditional fax machines and faxing process.

The FoIP solution is a web-based software that can be accessed via a web URL or from an email itself. It doesn’t need a fax machine or any hardware still it can allow its users to send and receive faxes. In fact, more than one person can send a fax at the same time.

The fax server solution helps businesses to take benefit of enhanced faxing with its added range of features. Below is the list of features available in the FoIP solution:

  • Send color fax
  • Send black and white fax
  • Receive fax
  • Add cover page to the fax
  • Add the last page to the fax
  • Encrypt the doc
  • Filter spam
  • Retry if the first attempt of sending a fax is failed
  • Store and use fax templates
  • Reports
  • And more

The fax server solution can be used in different ways. It eliminates the need for staying in the queue. Even if there are multiple fax packets in the queue, all you need to do is hit the send and the fax will be sent on its own when its turn comes. Below is the explanation of using the fax server solution to send and receive fax:

Web to Fax

In this case, everyone gets access to the web-based FoIP solution. The users can send and receive faxes from this user panel. It comes with GUI based elements that make it easy to use and operate.

Email to fax

In this case, the fax server gets configured in a way that the fax can be sent via an email client such as Gmail, Outlook, etc. All users receive one predefined email address and steps to send an eFax. The users need to follow the steps to send a fax via email.

It offers many benefits to its users and can be used by any and all users.

We, at Vindaloo VoIP, have a team of experts that can provide custom fax server solution. We also provide the development of this solution with tailored features to meet your faxing needs. To discuss your project, please get in touch with us.