How Mobile Applications Are Changing the Face of the Healthcare Industry?

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How Mobile Applications Are Changing the Face of the Healthcare Industry?

One of the reports claimed that there are around 32500 healthcare apps available worldwide and Android apps development is playing the role of a major driving factor in the mHealth sector. Another report from the Accenture Consultants informs that the quantity of the healthcare apps has been doubled in the past two years.

Gone are the days where people used to stand in queues for the appointment or payment of bills in their respective hospitals. The scenario has drastically transformed into a much better and faster methodology and all the credit goes to the mobile application development for the healthcare industry. It can be said that mobile healthcare apps have been the engine for surpassing the time-consuming conditions of the healthcare industry.

It worked as an added advantage for doctors and medical staffs

In recent times one can say that the launch of several healthcare apps proved to be a blessing for the hospital staffs including the doctors. It is seen that the apps are the medium through which the updates of “health conditions” of the respective patients can be checked by the doctors in an instance!

According to a report, 90% of doctors have started believing that these apps can actually improve the health of their patients. On top of that, all thanks to the increase in iOS apps development, nearly 80% of the physicians worldwide are using this technology to serve the patients under their care.

It is a blessing for health practitioners working in remote areas

As Smartphones are available and used by people in every corner of the world, buying pharmacies or calling an ambulance instantly has become an easy task! One can get it done at the tap of his/her fingers over the mobile healthcare apps.

How patients are benefitting from healthcare apps?

There are several benefits which patients are getting these days from these apps. First of all, through these apps, patients can book appointments on the go. Next comes buying medicines with free delivery at certain places. In addition to this, for the ones who have trouble in travelling long distances, they can get a recommendation from their doctors, directly, through live chats and video calling. For the ones who love to stay in shape, they can consult with their dietician with ease through these apps.

With mobile applications in place, gone are the days of faulty diagnosis

This is well affected because proper diagnosis requires time to time checkups of patients. It was a pipe dream back in the day, but now it has become possible through these fast apps which are available to every patient in every corner of the world!

Minimizes the medical expenses!

The total bill gets severely reduced due to the increase in the demand of the medicines. The reason behind this is that when people buy medicines in lots, the price factor gradually gets reduced. Hence it is becoming lighter on one’s pocket day-by-day with the advent of mobile apps specifically designed for the healthcare sector.

Payment of bills made easy!

The payment of bills got easier due to the one-click solution that these apps are providing. One just has to go through the invoice which the hospital has provided, select a payment gateway, type in the details of the credit or debit card and payment is done!

In a nutshell, a mobile app for healthcare is transforming the industry drastically. If you are looking for best mobile app development service for your hospital, clinic or pharmacy firm, contact us.