IP PBX Made for Seamless Communication and Empowered Business

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IP PBX Made for Seamless Communication and Empowered Business

No matter which industry an organization belongs to it has to deal with the massive communication need on a day to day basis. Each business has to deal with internal communication among team members; external communication with prospects, clients, vendors and other business entities. Here, IP PBX Solution can work as a boon for any organization. It provides an advanced infrastructure for business communication.

IP PBX makes communication Quick

An IP PBX solution offers a remote communication mechanism. This allows your staff to communicate from anywhere, at anytime. Now, they don’t need to stay available on desk or near the physical phone system. Thus, it contributes in making communication quick. Your business can quickly attend any query remotely. Now, your employees can communicate with each other even from their home to discuss a project, as and when they need to. They can respond to the client queries even after office hours.

IP PBX makes communication Easy

The IP PBX solution is a software based system. It eliminates bulky hardware and messy wirings from your telecommunication environment which is an unavoidable part of traditional communication system. This makes it very easy to manage. Also, it is very easy to use. You just need to make a few changes in the software to add, edit or delete a user or phone extension. At the same time, it is a Big Task with the traditional system. This easy to use and manage the nature of the IP PBX solution makes communication easy.

IP PBX makes communication Cost Effective

This solution uses SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) for initiating, conducting and tearing down calls. It uses IP to IP calling mechanism instead of PSTN lines. This makes communication cheap compared to traditional communication mechanisms. IP to IP calling is absolutely free. And IP calling rates are cheaper than the traditional calling rates. This makes international calling very cost effective. Also, the cost of maintenance and management of this system is low compared to other communication counterparts. This makes it a perfect communication solution by keeping costs as low as possible.

This is how, IP PBX solution makes communication Quick, Easy and Cost-effective.

We, at Vindaloo VoIP, have one of the top class IP PBX solutions which can provide unified communication tool the businesses. We have a single tenant IP PBX system to meet needs of the businesses with a single physical office. The business can take benefit of a wide array of features available with the IP PBX system. At the same time, we also have multi tenant IP PBX solution which can be used by any business to connect all the branches of the company with a centralized communication system located in the headquarter. The big enterprises and MNC companies can gain a lot of benefits by using this multi tenant IP PBX system. The service providers can also use the multi tenant IP PBX solution to empower their business by creating a new business model. Our multi tenant IP PBX solution is easy to use, reliable and scalable. To know more about this IP PBX solution, please get in touch.