IP PBX Solution Augments Hotel Business

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IP PBX Solution Augments Hotel Business

IP PX solution is an advanced communication and collaboration software that can be used by any industry. Hotels can take maximum benefits from this solution and in this article, I will share the top 3 benefits of the IP PBX solution for the hotel industry.

Communication is an indispensable part of all businesses, but there are some industries in which communication is at forefront position. The hospitality industry is one of as such industries where communication is very important. The client satisfaction and empowered staff collaboration are key ingredients in the success of any hotel. There are many communication solutions available in the market and the most cost effective and beneficial among all is the IP PBX Solution.

The IP PBX solution comes with a wide array of features that strengthen communication of the hotel. Furthermore, it empowers collaboration of internal staff. Collectively, it works in increasing revenue and ROI of a hotel.

Want to know how? Let me unveil the top 3 benefits of the IP PBX solution for the hotels.

1. Delight customers

The customers demand to get quick and hassle free hospitality services from the hotel staff along with clean and nice rooms. Many hotels spend a lot on interior, but they are still using the old school communication techniques. For example, the guest has to go through a list of extensions to find the correct extension to ask for a room service or water in the room. By mistake if the guest made a call on a wrong extension, that person will tell the guest to dial XXX extension. What if the guest can hear an IVR to get extension info and get connected to the right person? What if the guest’s call can be transferred to the right extension instead of asking them to call on another extension? Well, it will reduce the hassle at the customer’s end and definitely impress them with your services.

The IP PBX solution for hotels comes with many advanced communication features and it will let you use many interesting communication features to project a bigger brand of your hotel and delight your customers.

2. Empower internal staff

Generally, hotels use human messengers or a bell to call or pass a message to a hotel staff. The IP PBX solution will make your job easy. It will make internal communication absolutely free. Thus, the hotel staff can communicate with each other via intercom. Also, hotels with multiple branches can use multitenant IP PBX solution to strengthen collaboration.

3. Save Money

The IP PBX is a software based communication solution and it can be managed via easy to use software. You don’t need to invest on wiring or telecommunication hardware that is required in traditional telecommunication system. Also, its maintenance cost is way cheaper than the traditional system. The biggest benefit is VoIP calling is cheaper than PSTN (traditional) telecommunication cost. Moreover, the internal communication between staff as well guest and staff will be absolutely free. You can imagine how much money you will save every month.

Concluding Notes

The IP PBX solution provides many additional communication features in way cheaper cost. These features will project a bigger and better image of your hotel. The customer service and staff productivity will be increased and you can enjoy increased revenues and ROI.

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