IP PBX Solution: An Ideal Phone Solution for Any Business

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IP PBX Solution: An Ideal Phone Solution for Any Business

An IP PBX solution is completely different than the traditional telephony system. It eliminates the need of separate infrastructure, one for the audio and other for the data, for telecommunication as it routes the calls over the IP network of the company. Moreover, it offers significant benefits in terms of features and benefits any business can gain by making an IP PBX solution part of their business communication system. This Blog highlights the key benefits any company can leverage by using an IP PBX solution.

Ease of Installation, Operations and Maintenance
IP PBX solution based phone system is easier to install in contrary to the legacy system as it uses the SIP signaling and software based infrastructure. The installation and operation of an IP PBX solution and IP Phone System require a computer savvy executive with basic knowledge of the system, which can be achieved by a small training session. In contrary, the legacy system installation and operations require a highly skilled and trained technician. The IP PBX Solution comes with a web based admin panel, which makes the operations of the IP Phone System even easier. As an IP PBX solution is software based solution the maintenance of the system is cost savvy.

Simple to Scale
As and when your business achieves success and growth, it is obvious the team and communication needs will be raised as well. This will require more call extensions. In a legacy system, it can be a headache as you need to call your service provider, who would send the technician with annoying wires and bulky hardware. The process of scaling up the existing telecommunication infrastructure would not only cost much money, but also time. On the other hand, the IP PBX solution and IP phone system can be scaled up more easily. Just pay for the license fee for extra call lines and SIP trunks to your IP PBX solution provider and you are sorted. The rest will be taken care by them.

No Vendor Lock In
The IP PBX solution works on the open source standards so you are not abiding to use the service and solution of a single vendor. You have full freedom to switch to the vendor who offers you the best services at the best price. Having such flexibility makes the IP PBX solution a perfect solution for the businesses as now you can get the solution from one vendor and support from another, who can suit your business needs and allotted budget.

Supreme Customer Support
The IP PBX solution can be integrated with the existing systems such as CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Tool, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), ticketing system, etc. This can help in serving the customer in a better way. For instance, when a customer calls in, the related information will pop up. This will help your staff to serve the customers in a personalized manner.

Improved Saving
To keep the ROI (Returns over Investment) on upscale, it is important to reduce operational cost and improve savings. By making IP PBX solution part of your existing infrastructure, you can save a significant amount. The internal calling will be absolutely free as it will be conducted through your LAN. The outbound calls will use the internet, which is cheaper compared to the traditional calling mechanism. Moreover, this IP PBX Solution uses the mechanism such as least cost routing, which further reduces the cost and contributes to saving.

These are the key benefits you can gain from an IP PBX solution for business. Still having any doubts or questions? Contact us.