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Multi tenant video conferencing solution for business

The businesses have reached international territories and that is why competition has also become fierce. Nowadays, the competitors of the business are global players and not just domestic ones. All these shifting trends have increased demand for real time communication and collaboration. The multi tenant conferencing solution is one of the top notch solutions that are used for effective business communication in real time. The multi tenant conferencing solution can support audio, video and web conferences. The video conferencing system is one of the most effective and crucial tools for businesses.

The multi tenant video conferencing software solution comes with a lot of features. Below is the list of the key feature available in almost all best video conferencing systems with tenant support:

  • Web based solution
  • Remote access
  • Dashboard
  • Live conference view
  • Schedule video conference
  • Start an ad-hoc video conference
  • Conduct one way video conferencing
  • Conduct multi party video conferencing
  • Announce name on participant exit or entry
  • Record the video conference
  • Allow screen sharing
  • Allow file sharing
  • Live chat during the ongoing conference
  • Mute or unmute one or more participants
  • Kickout any participant
  • Public video conference
  • PIN authentication based video conference
  • Customizable music on hold
  • Live polling
  • Display active speaker
  • Reports
  • And more

Any business, whether it is a startup, small business or a large scaled MNC can leverage many benefits by using the multi tenant video conferencing software solution. Let’s explore more details about the top 3 benefits of this solution for businesses:

1. Save money and time

We all know face to face meetings are always more effective and fruitful than calls or emails. The multi tenant video conferencing solution provides a platform to conduct face to face meetings, but virtually. None of the meeting participants need to travel to attend a meeting. This saves a lot of time and money otherwise spent to reach a physical location to have a meeting.

2.  Project bigger brand of the company

The multi tenant video conferencing solution can be used to have internal as well as external conferences. Thus, it can be used to increase brand popularity of the company. For example, a company can take a video interview of the candidate who is selected for the personal interview round. The white label video conferencing software solution will help in creating a better impression on the candidate. Another example, the video conferencing software solution can be used to show a product demo or have a monthly client meeting to discuss progress. All these utilities of the conferencing solution will increase the popularity of the business to project a bigger brand image.

3. Keep everything in place

The traditional calling and meeting are difficult to track accurately. Also, it is a little complex process to find the points discussed in the meeting. Here, the multi tenant video conferencing solution can be really helpful. The company can see reports, conference recording, and all other data within the system. Even if the company has multiple branches, all this information will be saved in the conferencing system.

VinConf is a business centric multi tenant conferencing software solution that is developed to benefit businesses with the high quality and reliable conferencing solution. It supports all three types of conferencing. To get a free demo and know more about it, please get in touch with us.