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Video Conferencing Etiquette

Video conferencing is a popular method employed by businesses and various other establishments to host face to face meetings for better communication. A video conferencing solution provides a necessary system for a company, setting up a ready-to-use, convenient system. 

Consider the following tips to have a successful video conference.

  1. Having a strong technical setup:
  • Quality video and audio form the backbone of the conference.
  • You must ensure that quality cameras, screens, speakers and microphones are duly installed.
  1. Effective Video:
  • While installing the video conferencing solution itself, adjust the camera such that the majority of the screen is occupied by the people participating in the conference, excluding the inanimate surrounding objects like windows, chairs, etc.
  • A well-lit room with an unwavering source of light should be chosen as the venue for the conference.
  • Avoid wearing bright colored or patterned (checks, stripes, etc.) apparel. Light-toned apparel appears good on the screen.
  1. Effective audio:
  • A video conference solution provides the ‘mute’ option on the remote control for the microphone which is employed when the microphone is not in use.
  • Place the microphone on the table in front of the participants. 
  • Avoid ‘double-talking’ as it causes echoing and audio feedback from the audio bridge.

2)        Being Prepared:

  • Ensure that the entire system is tested beforehand in the presence of the video conference solution provider so that any error can be rectified.
  • You can take the help of the solution provider regarding the saving of correct IP addresses of the websites or companies you wish to connect with.
  • Keep the content you wish to display like a presentation, document, or video ready for a smooth, uninterrupted conference.
  • Make sure you have all relevant apps installed on your computer required for opening the above-mentioned content.

3)        Displaying Etiquette:

  • Request an introduction from the other side to ensure they are audible.
  • Allow one company to speak and mute your microphone when they do so. Wait for your turn to speak and halt occasionally to cope with slow audio receiving.
  • A person doesn’t need to shout or speak differently on the microphone or make massive hand gestures. A good video conferencing solution takes care that your voice reaches the other end in the proper tone and pitch, along with your image.
  • It is therefore advised to behave calmly and speak normally.

4)        Multi-tenant Conferencing:

  • Employing a multi-tenant conferencing solution enables you to connect with more than one tenant simultaneously. 
  • A multi-tenant video conferencing solution is so designed that the video switches automatically between the participants depending on who is speaking.
  • The voice through an active microphone activates the Multi-point Bridge that changes the picture.

Employing a video conferencing or multi-tenant conferencing solution eases the pressure of technical arrangements for the company. It can invest its time working on the content of the conference. A video conferencing or multi-tenant conferencing solution ensures that smooth communication occurs with clearer video and audio.

Maintaining these etiquettes and having the best conferencing solution certainly ensure that you have a successful conference. 

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