Session Border Controller Solution Development Services for VoIP Service Providers

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Session Border Controller Solution Development Services for VoIP Service Providers

VoIP communication takes place on the internet using a highly complex structure. There are various codecs, protocols, topologies and technical things involved, which make this simple looking VoIP world to keep going on. There are many business owners that provide the VoIP services such as, IP PBX, call center, international calling services, residential calling services, so on and so forth. These service providers handle hundreds of concurrent calls in parallel. Each call or interaction on the internet via these VoIP services carries sensitive information. As we all know, the things on the internet are prone to hack attacks and so does the VoIP services are.

A hack attack on the VoIP service can harm the whole business of the service provider as well as its customers by compromising their sensitive information. Thus, it is really important to safeguard the information of the customers as well as overall network and system in a VoIP business. A generic firewall used to protect the computer programs and software is not sufficed when we talk about the whole VoIP business. What one needs is a more consolidated security system and in this case, what one needs is the session border controller solution which is also known as the SBC solution.

The session border controller solution sits on the top of the border of the network and inspects each packet (data, voice, signal, etc.) to assure it is safe to enter or leave the network. The businesses must get the custom SBC solution development to add a layer of security in their VoIP service network.

The session border controller can come up with various features and one may choose to have the most important features to protect their VoIP network. The session border controller can also hide the topology of the VoIP network to make it even more secure by hiding the critical network information from the outside world.

The SBC solution development is a one time investment, but it is a must do thing for the VoIP service provider. The malicious attacks such as, toll frauds, Denial of Services (DoS), Destructive Denial of Services (DDos), etc. can be fiercely dangerous for business. The successful attacks would result in loss of money, business and reputation and that’s why it is very important that the businesses get the tailored session border controller solution.

The custom SBC solution development is important because each service provider can have different network architecture, business and other stuff. Thus, a one session border controller may not fit in into all. It is a good idea to invest in the SBC solution development.

Based on the technology used by your company, the SBC solution development can be performed either in Asterisk or FreeSWITCH. We, at Vindaloo VoIP, offer SBC solution development in both, Asterisk and FreeSWITCH. We have experience of developing the tailored session border controller solution that can fit in the VoIP network of the customer and their business model. To discuss your specific requirements, contact us.