How to Use Multi Tenant Conferencing Solution?

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Tips to Use Multi Tenant Conferencing Solution

The conferencing solution is creating buzz. It comes with so many features that benefit its users. One of the most advanced conferencing solutions is the multi tenant conferencing solution. It provides all different types of features. Moreover, it provides tenant support. In easy to understand language, a tenant is a subaccount. The main owner or admin of the multi tenant conferencing solution can assign features to the tenant. The main admin has the right to grant and revoke as many features as he wants and that also any time he wants. This is one of the powerful features available with the multi tenant conferencing software solution; the centralized control.

The multi tenant conferencing solution is usually very powerful and beneficial. However, many companies can’t leverage the benefits of all available pros of this solution due to multiple reasons. In this article, you will learn about the top 3 tips to use this system more effectively so your company can gain many more benefits from it.

1. Understand the system

The conferencing software is a big system and a multi tenant conferencing solution is an even bigger one. A majority of multi tenant conferencing software solutions support audio, video and web conferencing features. Each type of conferencing gives even more features to benefit its users. One may find an overwhelming number of features available in this type of the conferencing system. However, often, the users only use a few known features. This happens because of limited knowledge. To make good use of the available powerful conferencing software solution, make sure you know the software and its features at its best. You can ask your provider to give you a detailed demo and training of the product. Make sure to record or get the recording of this training so you and your staff can refer to this solution any time. You must request to get the user manual with your system so you can look for any specific features and best practices to use the same.

2. Play with it

Once you are aware of the system and all features available in this multi tenant conferencing solution, you should start using it. You can shift your monthly or weekly meetings to the video conferencing mode than the physical one even if all participants are on the same premises. You can save a lot of time and can also have a copy of the meeting you had in your conferencing system. Explore which tenant is using how many features of this system. Explore reports and do everything possible to use more and more this system so you can gain more insight into utilities and benefits of the multi tenant conferencing solution.

3. Take good use of the tenant feature

In the market, you can get both, single and multi tenant conferencing solutions. The matter of fact is, single tenant conferencing software is cheaper than the multi tenant one. However, the multi tenant conferencing system comes with a way more number of features than its counterpart. The only reason to invest in a multi tenant system is to receive tenant and related features. If you are not using its tenant related features, you have wasted your money, literally. Thus, it is a must have practice when you buy a multi tenant conferencing solution. If you don’t have branches in the company at the moment, you can make your resellers, vendors, and investors your tenants. This will help you gain business benefits. Also, you can sell conferencing services. This way, you will earn more and increase returns over investment.

These are the top 3 tips to use a multi tenant conferencing solution effectively. Make sure you follow all these tips.

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