Top 3 Tips to Find the Best VoIP Development Company

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Tips to Find the Best VoIP Development Company

VoIP solutions are in demand these days because of the plethora of benefits it offers. Earlier, the VoIP solutions were in use by the big service providers and Telecom companies. However, the VoIP development companies have invented many general purpose solutions to meet various needs of the different scaled businesses like startups, small businesses, medium scaled businesses and enterprises. Let’s have a look at the top solutions available for all industry verticals:

  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response) solution
  • Voice broadcasting solution
  • SMS broadcasting solution
  • Click to call software
  • WebRTC client solution
  • Conferencing software
  • Multi tenant conferencing solution
  • And many more

The companies also invest in custom VoIP solutions specific to an industry such as,

  • Class 4 softswitch
  • Class 5 softswitch
  • Hybrid VoIP softswitch
  • Call center software
  • Session border controller solution
  • And more

The companies often prefer investing in the custom VoIP solution development as it provides many privileges which are not available with the proprietary ready to use VoIP solutions. There are many VoIP development companies worldwide and that is why it is important to choose the one which I actually capable of delivering the best VoIP development services. To help you choose the best VoIP development company, let me share the top 3 tips to keep in mind:

1. Check for the offering related to you

The VoIP development companies offer a wide array of services and solutions. However, it is always advisable to outsource your project to a company that has expertise in developing the solution required by you. Thus, look for the VoIP development company that offers the development in the technology and solution preferred by you.

2. Check the portfolio

The company may have developed the same project as you are looking for or the company may have expertise, but never got a chance to develop the project similar to yours. The key here is to judge the company based on its strength and that can be done by exploring the portfolio of the company. Check what kind of VoIP solutions are developed by the company. If these solutions have complex milestones to reach or not and the VoIP development company has reached the set milestones or not. Whether the company has developed the similar solution or not you must consider the diversity of portfolio and expertise of the company as the selection criteria. This will help in increasing the chances of selecting the best VoIP development company which can be your long term partner.

3. Explore post sales services

Last, but definitely not the least. Look for the terms and conditions related to the after sales support. Generally, the VoIP development companies provide software testing and quality assurance as part of its development services and the end product is always quality assured. However, once you start using the developed VoIP solutions, you may face some questions from your customers or software users or you feel to make some enhancements, then the VoIP development company needs to provide the required services. Also, you will need to upgrade the software from a technology point of view, take the backup and handle server or hardware failover. All these can be taken care of by the VoIP experts and that is why knowing about the post sales services and support contract fees are very important. Look for the terms and condition of the support contract to receive the best benefits. Get an assurance that your VoIP development company will provide the best VoIP services to you during the development and after the development as well.


The custom VoIP solution development can give a lot of benefits and freedom to its owner. Thus, the VoIP solution development is in demand and will be. To build a reliable and robust VoIP solution, the best choice is to outsource the project to the VoIP development company. The above mentioned tips categorized in three categories will help you to choose the best VoIP development company for your project and get the best service and returns.

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