Traditional Fax System vs. Fax Server Solution for Businesses

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Traditional Fax System vs. Fax Server Solution for Businesses

Communication requirements of each business vary from one business to another. Some businesses are fine with a normal audio calling system and some businesses need an omnichannel communication system. In this article, we will talk about the businesses that need fax as one of the required modes of communication. Faxing is still a very important and inseparable part of some businesses.

Traditional Faxing System

The traditional way of sending and receiving faxes are really cumbersome and expensive. The businesses need to buy, install and setup bulky fax machines. They need to keep all stationery related to faxing operations in place. Moreover, a dedicated phone line needs to be purchased which can be used for faxing. This setup of the fax machine and required stationery is significantly expensive. Moreover, the maintenance of the fax machine and relevant infrastructure further increase the overhead expenses of the company.

If we move a step ahead from setup and maintenance of the physical fax machines to its usage, again we end up with a lot of hassle. To give a clear reference here is the process. To send a message, an executive needs to stay in the queue and have to take a series of steps to send a fax and vice verse. This wastes a lot of time from the productive hours in some situations and also as a whole.

Fax Server Solution

The FoIP solution development uses the internet protocols and SIP technology to develop a fax server solution. This is a virtual fax solution and in this type of system, the businesses don’t need to setup anything. It doesn’t require any physical hardware like a fax machine. Also, it doesn’t need any additional stationery. It is a virtual solution which can be accessed from any computer, laptop and even mobile devices such as a Smartphone. As the fax server solution is a software based system, it can be easily installed and the cost of operations and maintenance is also way cheaper compared to the traditional faxing system.The fax server solution can be accessed from anywhere, at anytime without any additional hassle or waste of time. If we move ahead to see the process of sending a fax, it is as easy as sending an email. In fact, there can be a provision to send a fax as an email to make the faxing operations even more simplified. The executive doesn’t need to leave his space and get into the queue to send a fax. All he needs to do is send a fax from his system or mobile. Top 3 ways to use fax server solution to send and receive fax are listed below:

  • Email to fax
  • Fax to email
  • Email to email

The FoIP solution development can be done with a wide range of custom features by keeping the usage need of the business in mind. We, at Vindaloo VoIP, have expertise in FoIP solution development with custom features to meet the faxing need of the businesses. To discuss your requirement of an ultimate fax server solution, contact us NOW!