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Video Solution Benefits Education Industry

Technology has touched and enhanced all industry verticals, including, education sector. There are so many technological inventions which helped education institutes to make education fun, fast and worthy. There are many colleges, schools and universities that have acquired a multi tenant conferencing solution. The multi tenant conferencing solution offers different types of inbuilt conferencing solutions: audio conferencing, video conferencing and web conferencing. Each of this type of conferencing solution has its own pros. In this article, I will share about the top 3 benefits of the video conferencing solution for the education industry.

1. Global coverage

The video conferencing solution introduces remote learning. The students can learn from any place using any device. They don’t really need to come to the physical place to attend a class. This nature of the video conferencing solution has removed education boundaries. The nonprofit educational institutes can now reach rural areas where schools are not available and can teach those students the basic education which they deserve to have. At the same time, the profit based education institutes like coaching classes, colleges, universities, etc. can introduce online courses to enroll students from all across the world to gain more profit. The video conferencing solution allows teaching in real time. It also provides a tool to make the learning session engaging. It means the students and teacher can interact with each other.

2. Simplify communication

The video conferencing software simplifies communication not only between students and teaching staff, but also with parents. The schools, colleges, etc. can have video sessions with parents to discuss progress of the students. This helps in removing the communication and time barrier. The video conferencing solution can support many parallel calls. It means in a single video conferencing session, hundreds of participants can participate. Thus, the video conferencing solution can be used to conduct annual meetings, teacher – parent meetings, progress card discussion meeting and more. This also impresses parents as now they don’t need to travel to the school or college. This lets parents stay in touch with teachers and contribute to the development and growth of their child without disturbing their schedules.

3. Self paced learning

The students can learn any time or in real time with the video conferencing solution. This solution allows teachers to conduct classes online and all the students can listen to the teacher in real time. The students can also clear their doubts by asking questions. In case, some students miss the class, they can still learn. How? Well, the video conferencing software solution provides recording feature so the teacher can record the class and then make this recording available to the students. This helps students in learning the topics from the teacher. It is also good for the universities which provide online courses. This type of courses is often attended by the working people who can’t make it to the class in real time often. Thus, they usually prefer going for a self paced course and with the video conferencing solution, one can offer the self paced learning.

These are the top 3 major advantages of the video conferencing software solution which are made available for the educational institutes such as, schools, colleges, universities, coaching classes, etc.

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