Voice Broadcasting Solution Consolidate School Communication

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Voice Broadcasting Solution Consolidate School Communication

Schools need advanced tools to bridge communication gap between school staff and parents at all the time. The email and SMS are often unattended instantly. Thus, call broadcasting can be a great way to reach all parents in real time to send an important update.

What is call broadcasting?

Before we get into more details, it is important to understand what call broadcasting is if you are not really aware about it. The call broadcasting aka voice broadcasting is a way to send a voice message to parents or teachers or vendors that offer some services to schools.

How it works?

To use call broadcasting, you will need voice broadcasting solution. This solution will let you send a voice message to hundreds to thousands of people with a few clicks. The voice message can be a pre-recorded audio file or you can also record the message in real time in the voice of a principal or a teacher.

Utilities of Voice Broadcasting Solution for Schools with Examples

Let’s assume you want to send a message to parents about the upcoming exam schedule. You can record a voice message with the date of the exam or a message to inform that the exam schedule is given to students and available in their diary. Once you hit the send, the parents will receive a call. When they answer the call, they will listen to your voice message and will get the update.

Let’s take one more example of using the voice broadcasting solution for your school. You send the voice message to all parents about upcoming parent-teacher meeting. You can also get response from the parents about their status to attending the meeting. The voice broadcasting solution development provides a feature that allows collecting response from the parents and you can see that in your voice broadcasting solution.