Why VoIP Service Providers Must Get Session Border Controller Solution?

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Why VoIP Service Providers Must Get Session Border Controller Solution?

To run any business, the business needs a robust and scalable solution as well as high level of security. Both of these tools assure the uninterruptible business services. The VoIP service providers often work with retail or wholesale call traffic that traverse on the internet protocols. Just like any other thing that is attached to the internet, this call traffic is prone to attacks. To assure the VoIP service provider runs an uninterruptible business, it needs to focus on the security part of its infrastructure and the data and call that traverse on the web.

In the VoIP business, the normal security tools like firewall, antivirus, etc. don’t work as the VoIP traffic is prone to unusual and destructive attacks. Then what can protect a VoIP business from these malicious attacks?

It is the Session Border Controller (SBC).

The SBC adds an additional layer of security in the VoIP business to assure the highest possible security. The SBC solution works like a doorkeeper as it sits on the border of the network and check everything at the session level. It controls the whole security mechanism at session level to avoid any possible attack on the system. It has some amazing features to provide extensive security to the IP network and VoIP business such as,

  • Topology hiding
  • Carrier hiding
  • Protocol validation
  • Calling party address manipulation
  • Called party address manipulation
  • Insertion / Removal of prefix from SIP headers
  • And more

The SBC solution is capacious to safeguard a VoIP business from all destructive attacks, including but not limited to,

  • Denial of Service (DOS)
  • Destructive Denial of Service (DDOS)
  • Toll frauds
  • Hackers attacks

As you can see the terms are quite different than the usual internet attacks with malware and hackers and these attacks are much more vicious than normal internet security threats. These attacks are powerful to run you out of the business. Thus, it has to be taken care of with the most reliable SBC Solution. To assure the highest possible security of the VoIP business and infrastructure a VoIP service provider must get the session border controller.

Today’s SBC solution is more efficacious than before. Along with the security benefits, the SBC solution also performs some additional operations to benefit the VoIP service providers such as,

  • NAT (Network Address Translator) Traversal
  • Media Transcoding
  • Codec Transcoding
  • Interoperability of different signaling protocols
  • Interoperability of DTMF
  • And more

All the above mentioned features of the SBC solution empower VoIP service provider to expand his business by supporting different media, protocols, signals, etc. Moreover, the VoIP service provider can offer cross platform services. This helps the VoIP service provider to gain more customers and business. Thus, the SBC solution is one of the must have solutions for the business owners.

The SBC Software solution bestows benefits of easy management, remote access and less maintenance cost compared to hardware based session border controller. Thus, get the best SBC Software Solution for your VoIP business now!

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