Why MySQL is best choice among the databases?

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Why MySQL is best choice among the databases?

As an open-source relational database management system, MySQL is a well-established software that uses SQL (Structured Query Language) language. Be it data warehousing, logging apps, or e-commerce, one can leverage the potential of MySQL for varieties of purposes. Meanwhile, it is mainly used for database services.

For online stores, you can leverage the potential of MySQL to store some limited records of information to all products that are available in inventory. Developers code websites leveraging PHP that can interact with MySQL database services in real-time to display the required information for users.

Reasons why MySQL is a Good Choice for Database Services

Wide Availability

MySQL database management services are better known for their reliability and also wider availability. It includes a variety of options from higher speed master/slave replication configurations to those of specialized cluster servers that provide quick failover to those of third-party vendors offering a higher availability solution when it comes to MySQL database server.

Higher Data Protection

MySQL boasts of advanced data protection. It includes a robust mechanism that enables only genuine persons to access the server. With other safety options like SSL, SSH, etc., the MySQL database ensures a completely safe connection.

On the other side, the granular object privilege framework enables users to visualize only those data that they are meant to visualize. Besides, it also provides complete protection of sensitive data with encryption and decryption options.

Transactional Support

MySQL comes with top-notch transactional database engines. It boasts features like unlimited row-level locking, distributed transaction capability, ACID transaction support, multi-transaction support, and more. Full data integrity, on the other hand, also comes with a complete assurance through server-enforced referential integrity.

Higher Scalability & Flexibility

Flexibility and scalability are other advantages of the MySQL database server. It comes with platform flexibility with multiple platforms like UNIX, Linux, Windows, etc.  As mentioned, MySQL is an open-source application. Therefore, it brings the possibility of customization for those seeking to add several specific requirements to their database server.

Top Performance

With unique and standard storage-engine architecture, database experts find it quite easy to configure MySQL database server for certain specific apps. MySQL is capable of matching the performance needs of different systems be it software with fast speed transactional processing systems or websites with higher speed. It matches the needs of some critical business systems for numerous reasons such as full-text indexes, higher-speed load utilities, distinctive memory caches, etc.

Easy to Manage

The software comes with great quick-start ability and takes less time be it downloading software or installation. It remains constant irrespective of the platform. Once you install it, you can use its self-management features, including auto-restart, space expansion, dynamic configurations, etc.  Besides, it also comes with graphical migration and management tool that an administrator can leverage for controlling, troubleshooting, and managing the operation of multiple servers.

24/7 Support

Most enterprises think often avoid using open-source software since they think they can’t get expeditious professional support. If this is the reason you wish to avoid using MySQL database solution, you need to know that it can provide you round the clock support.

Final Thoughts

After going through the above discussion, you are now expected to have a full of information regarding MySQL and why it is considered to be the right option. Above are various reasons why you need to go for this option.