Vindaloo VoIP Announced Custom Fax Server Solution Development for VoIP Service Providers

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Vindaloo VoIP is one of the best VoIP development companies that have been benefiting VoIP service providers with its innovative solutions and services. The company aims to develop the VoIP solutions that can increase revenue generation of the VoIP service providers in one way or another. By continuing this norm the spokesperson of the company has announced to offer custom fax server development services.

The company has a team of expert VoIP developers that have hands on skills in developing VoIP fax server solutions. The company has benefited many VoIP service providers by building fax server solution with custom features. Some of the features that the VoIP service providers can have in their VoIP fax server are listed below:

  • User friendly web panel to perform faxing related actions
  • Custom fax templates
  • Custom cover page
  • Custom end page
  • Blacklist
  • Whitelist
  • Auto forward
  • Retry on failure
  • Colored fax
  • Black and white fax
  • Fax detailed logs and reports

As per the shared details the fax server solution developed by the company is compatible with the protocol t.38. Also, it supports high level security and scalability. The representative of the company shared that they have expertise in custom fax server development that have all or selected features. The company can develop the VoIP fax server solution in both, Asterisk and Free SWITCH.

“Both, Asterisk and Free SWITCH allow developing the VoIP Free SWITCH server and we have expertise in both of these technologies. The VoIP service providers might have their existing infrastructure which may have certain VoIP solutions in either Asterisk or Free SWITCH. We help in developing the solution that can fit in their existing infrastructure instead of pushing them to change everything to match a technology we sell. We strive to be client centric and that’s why we offer custom fax server development to our customers in the platform they are more familiar with.” shared spokesperson of the Vindaloo VoIP.

The company offers complete control of the developed VoIP fax server to the customers to assure the VoIP service provider can leverage maximum benefits with the developed solution. As per the shared details, “the major benefit of this fax server solution is that is can digitize the whole faxing process. It means customers of the VoIP service provider will not need to deal with a traditional fax machine and process. They can send a fax from the comfort of their desk. This will also save a lot of money on stationery and increase staff productivity. All these benefits will definitely increase customers of the VoIP service provider. This way the VoIP fax server can create a new revenue stream for the VoIP service provider.”