Vindaloo VoIP Announced to Offer Mobile SIP Dialer to Business Users

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Vindaloo VoIP Solution Pvt. Ltd is a leading IT company that offers diversified solutions in VoIP, mobile app and web sectors. Recently, the spokesperson of the company has announced to offer mobile SIP dialer, specifically, to the business users. As per the shared details, this mobile SIP dialer is a communication app which is available for Android Smartphone, tablet, iPad and iPhone users.

The company offers white label mobile SIP dialer app to the business users. Once the company gets this app, it can be used by all employees of the company for communication. This mobile SIP dialer application supports both, audio and video call to provide an enriched communication.

The spokesperson of the company further announced that the company will provide customization to its customers. It means the company will develop and add a new feature if someone needs additional functionality. The VoIP developers of the company can also integrate any third party API or payment gateway in this app to provide required functionalities to its users.

This VoIP mobile dialer application is ready to use and within minimum turnaround time, it can be availed to the business users. This app is perfect for the personal use of the company by providing it as a one stop enterprise solution to the staff members of the company as well as it can be used to provide communication services to the customers of the service providers.

As per the shared details, this app supports all different types of codecs such as G729, G711, Speex, iLBC and more. It also supports all different platforms to make sure the users of this app can take a complete benefit of the offered features.

This mobile SIP dialer app is furnished with all standard calling features such as call transfer, call hold, call pickup, call mute, call unmute, call forwarding, etc. The mobile SIP dialer app has its own phonebook which can be integrated with the contact book of the device. It means the mobile SIP dialer app can be used to call any number saved either in the phonebook of the device or the VoIP mobile dialer app and vice verse.

“Our mobile SIP dialer app is very much in use because of its wide array of benefits. It is easy to use and has GUI elements as you find in a phone app. It can be used from remote locations. All a user needs to have is an active internet connection. This app provides features to support voice calls and video calls. The users have access to their own call history. It is secure and useful to all types of businesses”, shared spokesperson of Vindaloo VoIP.