Vindaloo VoIP Announced to Offer OpenSIPs Development

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Vindaloo VoIP Solutions Pvt. Ltd., more commonly known as Vindaloo VoIP, has announced to offer OpenSIPs development services to its worldwide clients. The company has been offering VoIP solution development services to its customers in Asterisk, FreeSWITCH and WebRTC. Now, they have added OpenSIPs in their offerings.

The company has a team of experienced OpenSIPs Developers. The company wants to benefit its customers with their expertise in this SIP signaling server technology. The company will offer different types of services as briefed below:

OpenSIPs Solution Development

The OpenSIPs experts of Vindaloo VoIP are skilled to develop any custom VoIP solution to meet customized business needs of different businesses such as, wholesale, retail, etc. As per the shared details, the company will offer OpenSIPs solution development for following types of systems:

  • SIP server
  • Application server
  • Class 4 softswitch
  • Class 5 softswitch
  • Session border controller
  • Front end load balancer
  • Residential VoIP calling platform
  • Wholesale VoIP solution
  • Trunking solution
  • IMS platform
  • Enterprise PBX solution
  • Virtual PBX solution
  • Call centers
  • And more

OpenSIPs Module Development

The company also has expertise in developing custom module for the existing OpenSIPs software. The additional module can add other features in the existing VoIP solution and this service of Vindaloo VoIP is aimed to provide custom development of such modules.

Customization and Enhancement

As per the shared details the OpenSIPs expert has proficiency in understanding the architecture of the existing OpenSIPs solution. Thus, the company offers customization services to add custom module or integrate APIs into the OpenSIPs software. The company also offers performance enhancement to increase capacity of the concurrent calls (CC), Calls per Second (CPS), etc.

Technical Support

The representative of the Vindaloo VoIP shared that the company offers on-demand technical support services to its customers for OpenSIPs based VoIP solutions. The technical support has different packages based on the required service and number of hours. The customers can choose the technical support package based on their requirements. As per the shared details, the support services help in taking on-time backup, upgrade system, maintain the latest version of the OpenSIPs and performing some more tasks to keep the solution in its best state. The company also offers technical support to fix bugs and issues.

“OpenSIPs is a really powerful platform as it has some amazing characteristics such as, module architecture, dialogue support, dynamic routing, etc. All these characteristics give a perfect platform to develop a robust and reliable VoIP solution. We have the expertise in using the best in OpenSIPs in favor of our customers. Thus, we have launched the OpenSIPs development services”, shared spokesperson of the Vindaloo VoIP.