Vindaloo VoIP Announced to Offer Wholesale Softswitch Solution

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Vindaloo VoIP is a leading IT company that has been majorly catering to its VoIP customers worldwide. To provide a quick solution to the business owners working in the wholesale VoIP business, Vindaloo VoIP has announced to offer wholesale Switch. It is a class 4 softswitch solution, which is developed to boost wholesale VoIP business.

The company has named this softswitch solution as the Vin4Switch. It uses various call routing rules along with the IP network to provide a reliable and robust platform for wholesale VoIP business owners. The company has made sure to keep this solution easy to use by designing user friendly layouts and elements in the graphical user interface.

“We have developed the most reliable class 4 softswitch, Vin4Switch. It is available for the service providers. It is ready to use so within minimum turnaround time our customers can setup the wholesale business platform and run their business. It is easy to setup and operate”, shared spokesperson of the company.

As per the shared details, to make it the most competitive wholesale VoIP Softswitch solution, the company has added all required features as well as some advanced features in it. Below is the list of features which is available in this VoIP Softswitch solution:

  • Dashboard
  • LCV (Live Call View)
  • Support management of Direct Inward Dialing numbers
  • Support management of multiple carriers
  • Support for 3rd party APIs
  • Support for the emergency numbers
  • Support for multiple currencies
  • Automated call routing
  • Intelligent call routing
  • Dialplan routing
  • LCR (Least Cost Routing)
  • Percentage based call routing
  • Security features
  • Transcoding
  • Validation of protocols
  • Load balancing and failover
  • Comprehensive billing module
  • Call logs
  • CDRs (Call Detail Reports)
  • And more

As per the shared details, this class 4 softswitch solution is tried and tested by experienced quality assurance engineers. It is capable of running a wholesale business with thousands of calls in parallel.

The spokesperson of the company shared that the company also provides white label wholesale VoIP switch to the customers that demand for the same.

“We have tested this switch to handle one million calls and it is working well with that much load as well. It has meticulously designed and developed security features in it as wholesale VoIP business often deals with hack attacks and unethical usage attempts. We have made sure that our customers get the most useful class 4 softswitch solution”, shared spokesperson of the company.

The company provides top to bottom services for this class 4 switch to its customers, which starts with a free demo.