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We, Vindaloo VoIP, are devoted to develop the best in the industry products to benefit our customers. We thrive to develop ready to use solutions in VoIP, web and mobile app segments. Within no time, our customers can start using these products for their business or to run their business. The benefit of using these ready to use products is that one doesn’t need to wait for months to get the solution developed.

By keeping the growing need for unified communication and increasing the popularity of VoIP businesses in mind, we have developed some ready to use products. These products are developed after thorough market research. We have made sure to build an ideal solution that can provide all basic to advanced features to our customers.

Vin4Switch: Class 4 Softswitch

It is a comprehensive class 4 softswitch solution. It is an ideal class 4 VoIP switch to run a wholesale VoIP business. It is renowned for its carrier grade switch features that can handle a large volume of call traffic for the wholesale service providers. Our VoIP development experts have added all required features to help you run your wholesale business flawlessly. It supports all different types of protocols, codecs, and carriers. Moreover, it offers a wide range of standard wholesale switch features. Its integrated billing solution has all advanced features to automate the billing part to save you from the intricacies of the wholesale business billing. Furthermore, you can run business in more than one country because of its multilingual nature.

VinSwitch: Hybrid VoIP Softswitch

It is a hybrid VoIP softswitch solution. It is furnished with standard features of both, class 4 and class 5 softswitch solutions. It is perfect to run retail and wholesale VoIP businesses. It is also built to run DID or calling card businesses. The key features of the VinSwitch include all types of call routing rules, end to end advanced communication and advanced integrated billing system. It also supports multiple currencies and multiple languages to benefit our users that want to run business in more than one country. All operations of the VoIP business will be automated and all you need to focus on is an increase in your business.

VinConf: Multi Tenant Conferencing Solution

It is a multi tenant conferencing solution. Moreover, it is also available as a single tenant conferencing system to meet the conferencing needs of small businesses and startups along with enterprises and MNCs. It supports audio, video, and web conferencing with multiple participants. You can conduct dynamic, public and private meetings and conferences with VinConf. While using this conferencing solution, you can enjoy high definition video and crystal clear voice quality. It has a wide range of features that can be used to make conferences more interactive for participants. You can make use of this advanced conferencing solution to manage business meetings in a highly interactive manner. Alternatively, this multi tenant conferencing solution can be used to run a business as a conferencing service provider.

VinOAS: Online Appointment System

It is an online appointment scheduling and reminder system. It is a tailor-made solution for the businesses in which appointments play a crucial role. This solution is built with a wide array of features to let its users manage personal and group appointments more professionally. This system aims to increase productivity and manage appointments of the staff of a company and independent users. It is compatible with Google calendar and other tools to let you use your existing tools. Also, it supports multi location appointment booking. It sends time to time reminders to the meeting participants.

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