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VinConf Multi Tenant Conferencing Solution


Get hold of the best talent to build up your multi-tenant conferencing system

Vindaloo offers a scalable, customizable multi-tenant conferencing system consisting of smart conferencing features. Considering the growing demands of cost effective communication system among the corporates and other organizations worldwide for their day-to- day communication, we develop a system that is highly received and appreciated. Our system particularly ensures a focused approach on business conferencing by providing carefully selected multimedia features and functionalities.

With highly experienced and skilled multi-tenant application programmers, we are in a position to come up with steadfast system that never fail to impress our global clientele. The system we provide safely work on web, telephone, SIP, and mobile terminals. VSPL’s VinConf: multi tenant conferencing system is powerful enough to serve all popular operating systems. As we know the importance of multi-tenant architecture in providing unified communication efficiently, we particularly encourage our customers to adopt it and make the most of it. If your organization is looking for a scalable conference system for your global business, let us know right away, we are happy to serve you with apt system.

Multi-Tenant Framework for Multimedia Conferencing System

A multi-tenant conferencing system boasts of a sturdy, secure, and flexible architecture. It guarantee a great deal of work load distribution of an application instance. It helps to establish a secure application environment by providing authentication, customization, and allocation. The system is undoubtedly appropriate when it is used as a cloud infrastructure. The best management of the resources are ensured when we adopt such a scalable system. The friendly approach of a multi-tenant conferencing system gathers more attention due to its flexibility, simplicity, and convenience. This is the reason why this is a successful system and why a large number of organizations are looking for multi-tenant system.

Key Features Our VinConf: Multi Tenant Conferencing System:

  • Dynamic conference creation with access code and moderator code
  • Authentication with additional security code
  • Host PINs
  • Participant name announcement, recording, and play
  • DTMF based feature including mute, unmute, rollcall, hang-up, volume up and down, etc.
  • Active speaker display
  • Raise hand
  • Dial out participants
  • Live web-based call management
  • Create, edit, and delete the users, conference, and the operator
  • Screen sharing options
  • Entry/Exit chimes
  • Configurable music on hold
  • Conference recording
  • Conference wise polling
  • Conference scheduler
  • Web portal features
  • Phone book
  • Live conference view
  • Active speaker display
  • Mail notifications

Our VinConf: Multi Tenant Conferencing System ensures the following:

  • Complete, highly customizable conference system
  • Easy set up
  • Enables quick communication channel
  • Improved utility
  • Super efficiency
  • User friendly
  • World class customer support
  • Cost saving
  • Quick turnaround time