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Appointment booking is a part of day in, day out process of many businesses. We all know the manual appointment booking process is tedious and prone to errors. To automate this appointment booking task, we have brought an amazing automated appointment booking solution for you. This online appointment scheduling solution is developed with the use of latest VoIP technology to provide you a reliable appointment booking solution that supports appointment booking via a web app and telephone. This software will make appointment scheduling easy, fast, automated and accurate.

1. Appointment/ Customer Management

Book appointment online by just a few clicks and manage the customers hassle-free with an online scheduling system with intuitive interface. The user-friendly calendar display and layouts make it easy for customers. Managing customer information and booking history has become an easy task with Vindaloo’s schedule appointment solution.

2. Group Scheduling

This awesome feature helps scheduling for a group of people, resources and schedule the meeting for the whole group. Also, it allows to send an email notification to all the members selected for group scheduling. Needless to say, this feature acts as a great help for team meetings scheduling.

3. Multi-location scheduling

Today’s business condition needs global attention and most corporate runs their business across the globe and in this scenario constant meeting with colleagues has become very important. Vindaloo’s online schedule appointment system emphasizes specifically on this and provides great features to schedule participants from multiple locations.

4. Self Booking

One of the most interesting features of our online schedule appointment solution is self booking. With this feature, customers can schedule their appointment online at their own pace. They can simply log into the app and can easily book the appointment with only a few clicks.

5. Email Notifications

How important it is to be notified right away regarding an impending meeting? If the email is not sent to the participants on time, an unnecessary chaos can occur. Keeping this in mind, our solution keeps a firm focus on developing a stable, sturdy notification feature. Any schedule and update will be notified to the customers immediately through emails.

6. Sync with Google Calendar

Why synching with Google calendar is so important when a user is scheduling an online appointment?  As you know, most people log into Gmail quite frequently and synchronizing the events with Google Calendar and sharing them with other applications helps without any doubts.

7. Video Meeting

We add one more useful feature to our solution, which is one to one video meeting. This can add great value to those corporate businesses which have multiple sites across the globe. Appointments can be scheduled for video meetings and the participants can attend the meeting same as a face-to-face meeting.

8. Recurring appointments

Recurring appointment scheduler comes as handy to many busy professionals as they schedule meetings periodically. The feature replicates the previous meeting inputs and quickly allows the user to schedule meetings.

9. Dedicated Provider and Service Links

The app solution includes dedicated URLs in user’s website that can navigate the customers to book appointments with specific services and providers.

10. Responsive Design

Responsive design is one of the main focuses of our app solution as the user can utilize it any device he or she owns. This provides great comfort to the user.

11. Online Payment

Our appointment booking solution offers payment gateway integration within the software itself to make the payment process automated. Take benefit of online payment and make billing and payment process smooth and efficient.

Key Benefits of Using Appointment Scheduling Solution:

  • 24/7 availability of booking system
  • Automated booking operations
  • Faster booking
  • Highest level of accuracy
  • Hassle free management
  • Reduce phone time
  • Increase staff productivity
  • Improve resource utilization
  • Aid business decisions
  • And more

We offer tailored appointment booking software development with custom features. Contact us to discuss your requirement and we will guide you further to furnish you with the scalable and secure appointment scheduling solution.