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CRM Development Services

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems are utilized to amass, handle (manage), and evaluate information on intercommunication with clients across several channels so that personalization of customer experience can be enhanced along with customer relationships in important areas like sales, marketing, and most importantly customer service.

CRM Consultancy

CRM Consultancy is the one that provides operation services for customers which include application management, process outsourcing, custom development.


CRM Development

Customer Relationship Management allows businesses to align the productivity of their firms by advancing their marketing strategies and sales cycles.

CRM Integration

CRM Integration is the smooth way of connecting the CRM software with the third party apps. It is essential for communication within and outside the company.

CRM Application Development

CRM Application Development is an application for mobile phones as well as web that helps you manage the interactions with your customers.

CRM Migration Solutions

CRM migration indicates migrating the data your traditional CRM solution consists to a brand new CRM tool.

CRM Maintenance and Upgradation

CRM Maintenance and Upgradation refers to the scheduled maintenance and upgradation of your preferred CRM solution.

Benefits of custom CRM

  • Tailored to specific needs
  • Flexibility for integration with any other platforms.
  • Telephony integration Flexibility
  • Fast development and source code and data privacy and security
  • Better client relationships
  • Improved Efficiency
  • Increased Collaboration

Common CRM features needed by various organizations


  • Leads 
  • Contact
  • Organization 
  • Activities 
  • Events 
  • Tasks
  • Notes
  • Calendar
  • Documents
  • Workflows
  • User and role management
  • Campaigns for sales and marketing
  • Telephony Integration 
  • Email Templates


  • Products
  • Invoices 
  • Orders Management 
  • Vendors

Project Management

  • Time Entries
  • Time Logs 
  • Tasks
  • Project Millstones


  • Tickets

CRM Integration

  • Google, Outlook calendar integration
  • Telephony Integration
  • Xero Billing Integration
  • Dropbox
  • integration

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