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Cross-Platform App Development

VSPL is a professional cross-platform application development company serving businesses with world-class mobile app solutions. We provide a comprehensive range of cross-platform app development solutions to cater to the needs of our clients. Our professionals possess the expertise to combine the unmatched potential of cross-platform apps developed with cutting-edge frameworks. Be it Flutter, Ionic, or React Native, our professionals leverage all modern frameworks to create high-performing and native alike cross-platform applications.

Gone are the days when you had to spend for IOS and Android as two resources were needed for the development on both the platforms.

The introduction of Cross-Platform App Development has made the choice easier.

What is Cross-Platform App Development?

A Cross-Platform App Development is when an application is developed writing one source code for both the platforms, i.e, iOS and Android instead of writing separate source codes for both the platforms.  For example, to develop an app for the following platforms, a specific language is needed:

  • Apple iOS- Swift or Objective C
  • Android- Java
  • Windows- C# or XAML

Developing an application using Cross-Platform App Development gives you the liberty to develop your application using a universal programming language such as Javascript.

Comparison Table

ParameterNative AppsCross-Platform Apps
CostHigh cost of developmentRelatively low cost of development
Code UsabilityWorks for a single platformSingle code can be used on multiple platforms, for an easy portability
Device AccessPlatform SDK ensures access to device’s API without any hindranceNo assured access to all device APIs
UI ConsistencyConsistent with the UI components of the deviceLimited consistency with the UI components of the device
PerformanceSeamless performance, given the app is developed for the devices OSHigh on performance, but lags and hardware compatibility issues are not uncommon

Ionic Platform

Ionic is an open-source SDK for cross-platform app development. Ionic Framework isn’t new to the app world, it was first launched in 2013; created by Mac Lynch, Ben Sperry, and Adam Bradley. Ionic initially was built on Apache Cordova and AngularJS; however the latest launch was re-built on a bunch of Web Components that let the users choose their choice of user interface framework.

Flutter Platform

“Google’s Flutter is an open-source UI toolkit that developers use to develop cross-platform applications. Since its initial release in 2015, Flutter has brought a lot of improvements in its performance. In 2019, Flutter 1.12 was introduced. Its User Interface is developed by gathering various widgets that appear native to Android or iOS applications

React Native Platform

React Native delivers native applications for both Android and iOS platforms. By taking charge of the view controller, it programmatically brings about native views using JavaScript. Which means with React the UI of your application is entirely native. Applications built using React Native have a high functional approach while building a better user interface.

Our Development Process Section

Tell us your business requirements

Our team of experts will review the requirements of your business and appoint developers that have expertise in developing apps that fulfil those requirements.

Have an in depth discussion with our team 

Our team of experts will waste no time reaching out to you to discuss any queries you might have regarding your project.

Choose Contract Terms and Itinerary

Once you have had the needful discussion with our team regarding your project, you are free to select the contract terms and conditions. 

Make your payments and get started right away

We phase out payment based on milestones and for starting the project, we take a token deposit/ advance payment.

Why choose VSPL for cross-platform mobile app development? 

  1. Expert Custom mobile app Developers
  2. Client-Centric Consultancy
  3. Goal-oriented Approach
  4. On-time Delivery
  5. Cost-effective App Development Services
  6. Agile Technology for App Development

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