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Kamailio Solution Development Services

Kamailio to build scalable SIP applications and solutions!

It is an open source VoIP technology that is available under GNU license. The Kamailio community has made it stronger and powerful by contributing to the development and growth with enormous efforts of more than a decade now. It is a perfect VoIP development technology to build SIP solutions. The large scaled businesses to startups can reinforce their businesses by using the power of Kamailio in their favor. This software is dedicated to SIP services and that is why cannot be used in the development of a mobile SIP dialer, back to back user agent or a media server. It can only be used to develop a variety of applications and solutions in the SIP server or proxy.

We, at Vindaloo VoIP, have a team of Kamailio experts that can help you with extensive Kamailio development services. We can help you build a solution that is powerful enough to handle thousands of calls per second (CPS) which is perfect to build robust SIP solutions. The Kamailio has a rich set of features that are boon for large scaled enterprises, VoIP service providers, call centers, VoIP termination businesses, and carriers.

With our Kamailio solution and application development services, we can help you build a highly secure communication solution. We have expertise in benefiting small, medium and large scaled businesses with our Kamailio development and support services. We can build geographical redundancy with a highly scalable system.

Kamailio Servers

The Kamailio is one of the most sought after VoIP technologies for its range of SIP servers it offers. The Kamailio experts in Vindaloo VoIP can install, configure and customize this technology to let you get the SIP server of your choice. The available SIP servers with Kamailio customization are listed below:

  • SIP dispatcher server
  • SIP proxy server
  • SIP Websocket server
  • SIP registrar server
  • SIP location server
  • SIP redirect server

Key Features of Kamailio:

  • Modular architecture
  • RFC3261 servers
  • Suitability for embedded devices
  • A wide range of extension repository
  • Plug and play interface for modules
  • Serial forking
  • Parallel forking
  • Failover routing
  • SIP traffic NAT traversal
  • RTP traffic NAT traversal
  • Stateless SIP proxy processing
  • Management of asynchronous inter process message queues
  • Management of asynchronous TCP
  • Management of asynchronous SIP message processing
  • Management of distributed message queue
  • SIP signaling
  • Extension support
  • SIP user authentication
  • TLS support
  • Secure audio with SRTP handling
  • IP authentication
  • Authorization
  • IP authentication
  • Network authentication
  • Transactional stateful SIP proxy processing
  • High availability
  • Support for DNSsec
  • Support for NAPTR DNS lookup
  • Support for SRV DNS lookup
  • Internal system for DNS caching
  • Multi domain support
  • ENUM support
  • Multi homed support
  • SRV DNS failover
  • Load balancing and failover support
  • Blacklist at IP level
  • Topology hiding
  • Scripting
  • Runtime update framework
  • RPC controls
  • RabbitMQ connectors
  • NSQ connectors
  • Embedded XCAP server
  • Presence user agent
  • Instant messaging
  • SIP SIMPLE presence server
  • Accounting
  • Prepaid engine
  • Radius or Diameter database for storage
  • Monitoring and troubleshooting
  • IMS
  • Interconnectivity
  • Support multiple databases
  • And more

Top Benefits of Using Kamailio Solution Development Services of Vindaloo VoIP:

  • Experienced Kamailio developers
  • Devoted support team
  • Delivery on time
  • Affordable cost
  • And more

For more details of our Kamailio development and related services, please contact us.

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