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To Create State-of-the-Art Telephony Applications

OpenSIPS (Open SIP Server) is an open-source SIP platform for VoIP communications. OpenSIPS is able to handle a large number of registered users. It smartly manages thousands of call per seconds along with simultaneous calls. The telecom sector utilizes this free software implementation for a variety of areas such as application servers, SIP registrars, class 4/5 SIP router/switch, virtual PBX solutions, enterprise PBX solutions, SBC, front-end load balancers, IM server, presence server,
redirect server, NAT traversal server, IP gateway, and the like. Sending and receiving a considerable amount of traffic effortlessly is one of the characteristics of telecom business and they constantly require a technology that allows them to provide ultimate ease. This can offer both class 4 and 5 switch features which come as a remarkable advantage for those in the carrier business. Majority of SIP server providers/VoIP service providers are depending on
OpenSIPS as this proved to be a stable and matured open-source technology.

OpenSIPS Module Development

This is one of the most significant areas of OpenSIPS solution development. OpenSIPS ensures a vast number of easy-to- use modules. The widely used openSIPS modules include back-to- back user agents, database backend authentication, dialog support, dial plan management, dynamic routing, SIP signalling, load balancing, PBX-like dialling, MySQL/Oracle backbends for database API, LDAP connecting, etc.

OpenSIPS Servers

The importance of the SIP servers in today’s world makes openSIPS technology to be one of the most sought-after. Proxy server, redirect server, presence server, NAT reversal server—all become possible once we opt for openSIPS platform. In fact, it enables a single solution to enable various server requirements and makes the engineering job easy.

Key OpenSIPS Features:

  • Modular architecture which allows to enable stable core components that are unaffected by the inclusion of new extension or plug-ins.
  • Allowing multi-platform connectivity by providing UDP/TCP/TLS/SCTP transport layers support.
  • Providing Registrar server, Location server, Proxy server and Redirect server which help in achieving a ceaseless functional power.
  • Powerful LCR (least cost routing).
  • Great XCAP support for Presence Agent.
  • Unparalleled NAT traversal support for SIP and RTP traffic.
  • Robust and convenient load balancing with failover.
  • Hassle-free interconnection with PSTN gateways.
  • Standard databases including MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Berkeley, etc.
  • IP blacklisting.
  • Dialogue support.
  • Ensure ultimate performance due to its ability to handle high volume of call set ups per second.
  • A wise choice for embedded systems.
  • Helpful for organizations that has distributed across the globe with it unique sense of purpose.
  • Ability to accommodate a large number of online subscribers.
  • Amazing flexibility in developing cost effective applications due its advantageous plug and play modules.
  • Availability of flexible scripting language for routing languages which allows to create custom routing engines to combine video, voice, and chat.

The Advantage of Using Vindaloo’s OpenSIPS Solution Development Services

  • Skilled OpenSIPS development team.
  • Dedicated technical support.
  • Strict turnaround time.
  • Cost efficiency.

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