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VoIP Development

Vindaloo’s VoIP solutions and services are exactly designed for today’s business communication needs. Our ultimate focus goes to providing ease of application use while enabling accurate insight on the core performance.  We provide telephony platform services that serve organizations of all sizes. Vindaloo promises to provide best possible VoIP services and solutions including Hosted PBX, IP PBX, Asterisk, FreeSWITCH solutions, OpenSIPs, Kamailio, WebRTC, IVR, Call Center Software, VoIP Billing, Click to Call, Softswitch, A2Billing, Mobile VoIP Application, and so on.

VoIP Development

Asterisk Development

Our Asterisk development solutions mainly focus on Hosted PBX, IVR, Voice Broadcasting, Dial Plan Programming, AGI Scripting, and so on. We provide Asterisk consulting and dedicated support as part of our service. The solutions also include Phone Verification System, Polling Solution, Billing Solution, Click To Call, and Conferencing solutions.

WebRTC Development

As the importance of Unified Communication grows, there is a greater scope of utilizing the powers of WebRTC. Vindaloo’s comprehensive WebRTC takes care of all your VoIP business needs that can flawlessly integrate real-time communication to any emerging telephony technology. The solutions include audio/video calling, screen sharing, web conferencing, data sharing, chat system, etc.

FreeSWITCH  Development

Our customized FreeSWITCH solutions focus primarily on utilizing most of the telephony platform by sensibly interconnecting media communication protocols. The designing of voice and messaging products has become truly easier as we explore the power of this awesome open source communication software.

OpenSIPs  Development

OpenSIPs is a multipurpose signaling SIP server which enables a whole lot of SIP solutions including SIP Router, SIP Registrar, Session Border Controller, Gateway, Load Balancer, Back-to-Back User Agent, Presence Server, IM Server, Application Server, Redirect Server, SIP Front-End, NAT traversal Server, etc.

Kamailio  Development

Vindaloo provides SIP proxy services based on Kamailio. This open source solution is strong enough to provide you flawless authentication, load balancing, presence, customized scripting along with great transport protocols such as UDP, TCP, TLS etc, over IPv4 and IPv6.

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