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WebRTC Solution Development Services

Creating applications that connect you to your family and friends

WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) is an open source framework with a set of communications protocols and application programming interfaces (APIs) in order to establish real- time communication over peer-to- peer connections. When it comes to the concept of Unified Communication (UC), WebRTC remains as the inevitable. This is a web-based platform which has enormous power to allow the user to manage their Smartphone contacts, calls and messages from an ease of a web browser. What makes it superior is that it supports a variety of communication modes. Thus, a WebRTC solution can provide a multifaceted platform to satisfy unified communication need of the company. Other than playing a perfect partner for creating UC apps, WebRTC has many amazing characteristics that can be used to develop platform-independent and device-independent applications.

Considering the significance of WebRTC in today’s communication arena, we take a deep dive into it with the intention of maximizing the output derived from it. We take a conscious effort to keep the concept ‘keeping in touch with the family and friends constantly’ alive as it provides a lot of room to create a greater connection between near and dear ones. We explore this communication platform and develop innovative applications that provide up-to- the minute web based real-time communication solutions that can be a sure blessing to families spread across the globe.

We also understand the need of omnichannel communication of any business and enterprise. Thus, we thrive to develop a wide range of communication and collaboration solutions on top of WebRTC.

Key WebRTC Solutions offered are listed below:

  • WebRTC Client Solution
  • Peer to Peer calling solution
  • Web phone
  • Web Conferencing solution
  • Webcasting solution

The WebRTC solution can support one or more features based on your communication need from the below listed features:

  • Voice call
  • Video call
  • Instant messaging (Chat)
  • SMS
  • Video conference
  • Audio conferencing
  • Screen share
  • File share
  • Image share

Our Key Offerings:

Unified Communication Solutions

Our WebRTC solution provides the best-in-class Unified Communication (UC) platform with a view to assist the family and friends to have an awesome private time. Our WebRTC solution benefits enterprises with a real time unified communication platform that meets their business communication and collaboration needs. That is the reason why we focus so much on including UC features such as, web-based video calling, instant messaging, group chatting, toll-free calling, IVR system, call queue, conferencing and so on. We enable instant and secure communications. Our long term experience in providing browser-based, real-time communication comes as handy here as we serve a sizeable number of clients with unfailing UC communication solutions.

Integration with third party applications and solutions

Another core benefit of adopting WebRTC is to perform flawless integration with other solutions. Today’s business world seeks for perfect integration with their existing solutions such as, CRM system, call center software and other internal business applications. It provides a lot of independence when it comes to communicate with other platforms which make it all the more desirable as a multi-platform, multi-device framework. We take care of all your integration worries and ensure you an uninterrupted operational power to your organization.

High definition Audio/Video

As today’s businesses are having global presence, they need frequent video calling and conferencing to have a quick communication to meet various business agendas. Now, the enterprises can have the best quality videos with the help of this technology. This goes same for the family and friend segment that can have crystal clear videos and audios of their loved ones. We are committed to provide you high quality HD media by utilizing the power of this wonderful technology called WebRTC.

We can develop a feature rich WebRTC solution that supports omnichannel communication. Contact us to discuss more details about our capabilities and how we can help you with our WebRTC development services.