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VoIP Solutions

Vindaloo’s VoIP solutions are exactly designed for today’s business communication needs. Our ultimate focus goes to providing ease of application use while enabling accurate insight on the core performance.  We provide telephony platform services that serve organizations of all sizes. Vindaloo promises to provide best possible VoIP services and solutions including Hosted PBX, IP PBX, Asterisk, FreeSWITCH solutions, OpenSIPs, Kamailio, WebRTC, IVR, Call Center Software, VoIP Billing, Click to Call, Softswitch, A2Billing, Mobile VoIP Application, and so on.


Hosted PBX

We provide Hosted PBX solutions to corporate, call centers, and government offices. This includes multi-tenant hosted PBX solutions, extension management, IVR, conferences, high quality voice mail, faxing, calling auditing and many more. The solutions we provide go more on to the side of Unified Communications.


We are providing intelligent Softswitch solutions that can ensure a gamut of easy-to-use telephony services. Our solutions target class4/class5 switching that can be easily integrated with calling card, call back, and DID services. Those who look for hassle-free billing invoicing, payments do not need to look anywhere else as Vindaloo offers customized Softswtich solutions..