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In today’s industry, competition is fierce. To survive in this competitive world, you need to have the tools and solutions that not only let you keep going, but also contribute to gaining a competitive edge. We, at Vindaloo VoIP, have expertise in leveraging the power of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technologies in favor of businesses. We can develop any custom VoIP solution with a handpicked range of features to meet custom needs of the business.

Our experienced VoIP development experts have proficiency in building custom VoIP solutions. We have developed the following solution using different VoIP technologies such as Asterisk, FreeSWITCH, WebRTC, OpenSIPs and Kamailio for our customers.

IVR Solution

Get an automated voice response solution to attend each incoming call. You can create a bigger and better brand image using the IVR system. We provide nested, dynamic and simple IVR solutions based on your need. It can also perform different actions based on your need such as information sharing, payment processing, etc.

Mobile SIP Dialer application

Use a mobile SIP dialer aka VoIP mobile dialer app to have clear and uninterruptable communication. This app lets you have local and global conversations with audio and video calls and chat at affordable rates.

PC Dialer Application

Get a handy telephony tool within a desktop or laptop system to enjoy the benefits of enriched communication at lower rates. We can develop a PC dialer aka Softphone for all different operating systems such as MacOS, Windows, Linux, etc.

SMS Broadcasting Solution

Empower your marketing, sales and business development campaigns by using a powerful SMS tool. You can send a message to mass audiences and that also in a personalized manner in a few simple steps. Save time from sending the same message to multiple users. Use technology at your disposal.

Call Broadcasting Solution

Time to convey the message in the most interactive manner with the call broadcasting aka voice broadcasting solution! You can record a voice message, upload a prerecorded file or convert a text message into a voice message to send it to the masses. A complete solution with a wide range of features to take benefits of audio broadcasting is here.

Class 4 Softswitch Solution

Your search for a robust, comprehensive and secure wholesale VoIP softswitch solution ends here. You can handle a large volume of VoIP traffic with ease and efficiency by using the class 4 softswitch solution. Choose selective or all features for your class 4 softswitch to run your business more efficiently.

Class 5 Softswitch Solution

Run a retail calling business to your diversified customers with this scalable and feature rich class 5 softswitch solution. All calling, conferencing and reporting features can be added in this retail VoIP switch to meet your business needs. We can develop all simple to advanced features to help you boost your retail calling business.

Click2call Solution

Get a click to call solution to attend the queries of your customers and prospects on their fingertips. You can integrate a click2call button on an app, a webpage or a landing page. You can configure an audio call or a video call on the click of the click2call button. Increase customer retention and lead conversion with this powerful tool.

Phone Number Verification Solution

Save time and resources spent on fraud or fake inquiries and queries. The phone number verification aka phone verification system (PVS) can be used to filter fake and fraud prospects or customers by sending an OTP to their phone number. Multiple features of verification can be made available to handle the first phase filtering of the customers to enjoy the best productivity and improved resource utilization.

Session Border Controller (SBC) Solution

Increase the security of your data and VoIP network with the SBC solution. It protects the whole VoIP network from malicious activities and hack attacks. It can safeguard a VoIP business from the attacks that are vicious and specific to the VoIP industry such as DoS, DDoS, toll fraud, etc. which can’t be prevented with simple firewalls.

WebRTC Client Solution

Take benefit of browser based communication solution from a remote location, in real time. We can develop a custom WebRTC solution with different modes of communication to meet your business communication and collaboration needs. From a simple browser calling solution to a multiparty video conferencing solution can be built with our expertise in WebRTC.

Fax Server Solution

Take benefit of efaxing to save on heavy and expensive fax machines and related stationery items. The Fax server aka FoIP (Fax over Internet Protocol) lets businesses and individuals use the power of faxing with internet technologies. The fax server solution offers way more features than the traditional fax machine and that also with the flexibility and benefits of remote faxing.

Hosted PBX Solution

Run enterprise grade PBX business or connect all your branches with a centralized phone solution by using a hosted aka multi tenant PBX solution. It is renowned for its extensive range of communication features, crystal clear voice quality, comprehensive reports, and flawless security. It can be developed to cater to customers and businesses at a global level.

IP PBX Solution

Take care of the communication needs of rapidly growing business at a global level with IP PBX software.  It thrives to provide seamless communication at a reduced cost. The IP PBX solution can have a wide array of communication features that are impossible to achieve in traditional telecommunication infrastructure. Take benefit of enriched business communication, highest quality of communication, increased productivity and reduced cost with the IP PBX system.

We are popular for our client centric VoIP solution development services. We can help you with our custom development expertise for VoIP business solutions. Contact us to discuss your preferred solution and features.