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Call Broadcasting Solution

Call broadcasting aka voice broadcasting solution provides you a platform to send prerecorded voice message to mass audiences. The call broadcasting solution is a perfect communication tool to reach large audiences within a few clicks. It is easy, fast and accurate and can be used for various commercial and social applications. You can reach all different types of business entities using the call broadcasting solution such as,

  • Customers
  • Prospects
  • Employees
  • Partners
  • Vendors
  • Subscribers
  • Members
  • Constitutes
  • And more

We offer voice broadcasting solution with custom features. It means our VoIP developers will develop a custom call broadcasting software that is tailored to meet your voice broadcasting needs. Your custom voice broadcasting solution can be developed with all preferred features to run effective call broadcasting campaigns.

Key Features of Call Broadcasting Solution:

1. GUI based admin panel

2. Accessible remotely

3. Message personalization

4. Text to speech

5. Online Voice message recording

6. Upload voice message

7. Contact management

8. Contact import / export

9. Dashboard

10. Schedule voice broadcasting campaign

11. Caller ID customization

12. IVR (Interactive Voice response)

13. Automatic redial

14. Scripting

15. Voicemail

16. Answering machine detection

17. Do not Call management

18. Live campaign view

19. Reports

20. And more

We offer a highly scalable voice broadcasting software development that can be scaled easily to add more channels in the future to meet your growth needs. We have expertise in developing call broadcasting solution with high level security. All industry verticals can get benefited by running call broadcasting campaigns for a variety of reasons.

Key Benefits of Call Broadcasting Software:

  • Create and run engaging call broadcasting campaigns
  • Send a message in a personalized manner
  • Reach masses within no time
  • Improve efficiency
  • Save a lot of time and resources
  • Improve work productivity
  • Automate communication at a certain level
  • No software or hardware setup needed

Key Utilities of Voice Broadcasting Solution:

  • Record the voice message hassle free and send it to all or selected contacts
  • Keep your contacts informed about different updates, news, etc.
  • Send notifications and announcements about new product launch, special discount, etc.
  • Send emergency alerts about nonworking days, system downtime, etc.
  • Customize the message to create a personal bond with your customers
  • Run marketing campaigns effectively at less costs
  • Create a better bond with the customers
  • Run surveys to collect feedback
  • And many more

Our call broadcasting system lets you run both, voice broadcasting and voicemail broadcasting campaigns effectively. Also, it provides reliable information and data in easy to understand manner to aid your business decisions.

Want to get your call broadcasting system? Contact us to discuss more details.