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Click-to-call (CTC) SOLUTION

Offer real-time customer services with a click-to-call software

This is a web-to-phone solution which is originally referred as “Request-a-Call”. The customer who uses a web can request for a phone call by just entering the phone number. It allows a customer to connect with a business at the right time by clicking a button, text, or image on a web page. This ultimately ensures lead conversions.

VSPL’s click-to-call solution focuses on:

Feature-rich solution

VSPL focuses on providing the most advanced and useful click-to-call solution to its users. It allows easy integration with any websites and applications. Smooth installation, effortless configuration, faster reach, automatic call recordings, log information, etc., are other attractions.


Video calling, video conferencing are also available on our click-to-call solution. A dashboard will display the contact list displaying their names, therefore, the user can just click to connect with them.

Instant Notification

We enable instant notification solution which is the essence of a click-to-call software solution. Our solution allows the customer to request immediate as well as scheduled calls.

Customer Centric

Providing customer-centric, click-to-call solution helps the outbound team to attract more leads. The moment the phone number is entered into the widget, it would be relayed to the outbound team member’s calling device. This would enhance team efficiency. It also provides same look and feel of the telephone infrastructure.

Key Features of Our Click to Call Solution

1. Easy installation

2. Integration within a web page, landing page or an app

3. Call recording

4. Auto dial

5. Callback

6. Integration with IVRS

7. Call Detail Reports (CDRs)

8. And more

The Business Benefit Adopting a click-to-call Software

  • Connect with customers and co-workers with audio/video calls.
  • Provides a specific web page or for an entire website as per user convenience.
  • Instant face-to-face interaction enables real time customer service over a web platform.
  • Eliminate the human errors.
  • Improves online conversations and communications. Those in online business are highly benefited because the customer wants real-time clarification on their purchases.
  • Easy-to-use solution with just a one click call.
  • Helps building brand with cost effective solution.

Contact us to know more about this prevailing click to call solution and how it can empower your lead generation and customer care operations.