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E-learning with video conferencing app aims to transform the education system by bringing the possibility to conduct live class. As a robust e-learning platform, it lets teachers and students connect with each other through browser-based video conferencing and interact frequently to make the live session successful.

The easy-to-use app boasts of various cutting-edge features and functionalities to cater to both teachers and students to make learning fun yet highly productive. With the e-learning with video conferencing solution, students enjoy the flexibility of scheduling sessions according to their own convenience and get in touch with the tutor through video conferencing.

The WebRTC-based app serves its primary goal of making the learning session interactive and hassle-free. It establishes connection between students and teachers for video sessions through browsers even without the need of any software load. Be it a chat feature accompanied by emojis during video session or screen sharing option, the app includes multiple features that help it in fulfilling its aim. The lesson recording facility helps students resolve the issues by going through the recorded video anytime.

E-learning with Video Conference App Features

For Tutor

Profile Creation

The e-learning with video conference app allows tutors to avail the option of creating profiles with different skill sets, subjects, etc.

Video Uploading

Tutors can upload pre recorded video sessions and display them to help students go through the video to grasp the important points.

Set their Availability

The app lets tutors choose their timing of availability and display it accordingly. So, students can get details about the exact timing to connect.

Setting Reminders and Notifications

The app facilitates tutor to set important notifications and reminders related to upcoming class sessions or related things. And can manage everything without missing anything.

For Students

Check Availability of Free Lessons

Students can grab the opportunity to search for a free lesson and also can check its availability to join immediately.

Access Pre recorded Lesson

The accessibility of pre recorded lessons, available on monthly subscription, lets students get rid of stress even if they miss any session. They can access pre recorded sessions to learn what they seek for.

Flexibility in Choosing Lesson

When it comes to choosing a lesson, students can book lessons based on the specialization of a tutor. They get the option to make the selection of their own time and schedule.

Promo Code Option

The e-learning with video conference app offers promo code to make learning budget-friendly. Students can use promo code to avail of the maximum rebate of the classes.