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Real time communication solution for your globally grown business

IP PBX empowers modern businesses with its unique capacity to ensure global communication smoothly and cost effectively. Multi-locations are highly common these days and effective communication between them is a must! Adopting a modern IP PBX system ensures mobility to the entire organization irrespective of their locations. It allows a cost effective way to keep the customers, partners, and the employees together. This system effectively allows to switch calls between VoIP user and traditional telephone user.

VSPL provides unique and distinct IP PBX solutions with a view to cater increasing demand of the clients to carry out their global communication hassle free. We care to include a number of most modern IP PBX features which include residential door phones, roaming extension to smart phones, connect to multi-sites, ‘follow me or find me’ feature, security alarm systems, etc., along with standard features such as unified communications, hybrid communications, media gateways, and so on. These features can make sure that your business communications have been done smoothly and timely.

Key Features of IP PBX Solution:

1. Unified communication with integrated voice, video, IM, and much more

2. Hybrid communication of both IP and analog

3. Global communication under a single network

4. SIP trunking and peer-to-peer calling

5. Call management including call recording, call forwarding, call transferring, call waiting

6. Caller ID and blocking features

7. Incoming/outgoing call routing

8. Local and remote call agents

9. Full HD conferencing

10. Conference bridging

11. Efficient least cost routing

12. Web/GUI based configuration

13. Multi-location communication

14. Fixed media gateways

15. Web/GUI based configuration

16. Standard network protocols and signalling support

17.Secured encrypted communications

Key Benefits of IP PBX Solution:

  • Reduced phone bill and communication cost
  • Offers better customer productivity and services
  • Easy to setup, configure, and maintain
  • Self-installation and management
  • Wide array of features
  • Easy integration with legacy telephony infrastructure
  • Unified communications including presence and chat
  • WebRTC web conferencing
  • Click2call CRM Integration
  • On-premise VM server or appliance
  • Abolishes phone wiring and infrastructure hassles