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Phone Verification System

To eliminate fake and fraudulent users and ensure valid accounts

Phone Verification System (PVS) is widely used to verify a person’s phone number quickly using a web interface or any such integrated process which has the ability to explore existing business system and its processes. Phone verification has become inevitable due to the rising frauds happening in online transactions. The PVS helps to prevent ID fraud by quickly confirming the authenticity of the phone number provided. This solution is recommended for the high risk transactions. At present, a phone verification system is a must, especially in non-face-to-face transactions as there are number of frauds happening all across the world.

VSPL solution has more focus on verification techniques such as comparing the phone numbers provided with a national data source to figure out whether the phone number is belonging to the same individual or not. Our solution helps to prevent automated registrations. Other than this, our solution is capable of figuring out the type of protocols behind the phone numbers, such as mobile, residential, or commercial. The fact is that when there is a sturdy solution available, we can ensure accurate user verification and thereby keep the hackers at bay.

What VSPL Solution Offers:

  • Verifies phone numbers for authenticity.
  • Prevents automatic registrations.
  • Defines time zone to control calling times.
  • Enables one-time pass-code.
  • Safeguarding high-risk transaction such as fund transfers.
  • Sends a code to the phone number provided via SMS or IVR.
  • APIs with modern RESTful services and legacy integration options.
  • Provides the name of the phone account owner.
  • Ensures phone reputation by checking whether associated with spam or fraud activity.
  • Solution to work with mobile, landline, and VoIP phone lines.
  • Identifies the type of phones involved.
  • Validates wireless versus land-line data for compliance.
  • Matching rules customization solutions.