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Session Border Controller (SBC) SOLUTION

Like any other online network, your VoIP network is prone to hack and malicious attacks. Thus, you must take required actions to safeguard your VoIP network and solutions from any intentional or unintentional attacks. SBC aka Session Border Controller Solution is the best solution to consolidate the security of your VoIP network and data at session level. There are two types of SBC systems available in the market: hardware based and software based.

We offer software based SBC solution that is easy to install, use and maintain. You don’t need to worry about any technicalities as out VoIP experts will install and configure the session border controller to safeguard your VoIP infrastructure. Furthermore, you will be provided an easy to use GUI based admin panel to access and manage this SBC software. This will be a web based application, so you will not need to install any software on your system and you can access it from anywhere, at anytime.

Our advanced Session Border Controller Solution will not only secure your VoIP infrastructure, but also assures the quality of service and uniformity of call. It will operate from a demarcation point between the SIP trunk of the service provider and VoIP network of the business to assure each call entering or leaving the VoIP network is authorized. It can also be placed between the operator network and peer.

We offer a custom SBC software development services so you can get a customized solution that fits in your network’s security and interoperability needs.

Key Utilities / Features of SBC Solution:

  1. Session level security
  2. Carrier hiding
  3. Topology hiding
  4. Protocol validation
  5. Codec Transcoding
  6. Carrier tech prefix insertion
  7. Carrier tech prefix removal
  8. Interoperability of various signaling protocols such as H.323, SIP-T, SIP
  9. Interoperability of DTMF including, SIP INFO, RFC2833, Inband
  10. And more

Key Benefits of SBC Solution:

  • Highest level of security
  • Superior session management
  • Quality of service
  • Scalable solution
  • Remote access
  • Easy to use GUI based system
  • Unified communication
  • And more

Our session border controller solution is perfect to enhance the quality of service for a wide range of VoIP based applications, including, but not limited to:

  • SIP Trunking
  • VoLTE
  • OTT
  • VoWi-Fi
  • RCS
  • Unified Communications

Our SBC solution is developed to provide secure VoIP network and infrastructure as well as to provide you a solution that bestows seamless interconnection between different types of IP networks such as,

  • International interconnects
  • IPX
  • Intra Network
  • IP Peering
  • And more

The SBC (Session Border Controller) System is the perfect solution to consolidate your VoIP network security and use the power of interoperability.

Do you have any question? We will be happy to answer your questions and guide you to get the best solution. Initiate the discussion.