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SMS Broadcasting Solution

A powerful solution to boost your marketing, sales, and customer notification

an SMS broadcasting solution for your business is a wise step towards success. Sending SMS as a bulk broadcasting saves a lot of money while making a great impact in your marketing efforts. The best thing about SMS broadcasting is that it is result oriented. It reduces the marketing cost, helps to reach out to the target recipients quickly and keeps the customers or contacts always informed. It is a one click solution which can spread out to hundreds to thousands of contacts in a jiffy. This is the best way to get instant response from your target audience right away. You don’t need to miss a chance to generate quality leads and opportunities once you adopt a powerful SMS broadcasting software for your business.

VSPL ensures easiest solutions to the businesses to engage their clients effectively. Our solutions are simple but focused on quality and current trends. Our solution enables you to send a large amount of SMS messages at once. It helps you to prepare contact list removing duplicate numbers, create SMS message, and schedule a campaign easily. You can upload the contact numbers using a text file or CSV file. Our solution allows the SMS services to use most popular APIs such as Email, FTP, HTTP, and SMPP. Our advanced sending features will ensure uninterrupted customer notification. We ensure long code, short code SMS services along with promotional and transactional services. Above all, we provide you user-friendly web interface to monitor and all your activities right away.

Key Features of Our SMS Broadcasting Solution:

  1. Easy to use the User Panel
  2. Remote access
  3. Contact book
  4. Contact Grouping
  5. Hassle-free import of contacts and easy integration.
  6. Schedule SMS
  7. Bulk SMS
  8. Global coverage
  9. Automation of greetings
  10. Time zone sensitive solutions
  11. Stop and opt out features
  12. Displays message status
  13. SMS Templates
  14. Database integration
  15. CRM integration

We thrive to offer SMS broadcasting solution to organizations of all sizes, so they can take full benefit of powerful SMS broadcasting tool.

Key Benefits of Using SMS Broadcasting Solution:

  • Reach wider audiences within no time
  • Channelize marketing campaigns
  • Reduce no show up ratio
  • Get payment on time
  • Keep your customers informed all the time
  • Build a strong customer relation
  • Increase customer engagement
  • Save time
  • Monitor your campaigns to improve performance
  • Generate more leads
  • And more

Contact us to get more details about SMS broadcasting solution in context to your business. Our executives will explain how you can streamline your business operations and increase revenues by using this powerful SMS broadcasting solution.