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WebRTC Client solution

To unify the enterprise communication effectively

WebRTC is an open source platform for real-time communication via simple APIs. It enables direct peer-to-peer communication with a browser. WebRTC ensures smooth integration of audio/video communication within a website which makes things pretty easy for those engages in global communication. The core of modern communication channels like VoIP, IM, SMS, video conferencing—everything comes under one roof and are affordable to everyone!

WebRTC empowers all communication channels through it flexible features and provide unconditional supports to enterprises to engage in quality communication globally. And, the most important aspect of this platform is that it has been supported by all popular browsers!

Key Features of WEBRTC Client Solution:

  1. Multiple communication channel
  2. Audio video communication
  3. Advanced call centre solutions
  4. Voice broadcasting
  5. Advanced global audio/video conferencing solutions
  6. Advanced call features such as call recording, queuing, waiting, etc.
  7. Peer-to-peer communication via browser
  8. Text to speech

Key Benefits of WEBRTC Client Solution:

Great features with minimum-to-low infrastructure

WebRTC allows global cloud infrastructure which encompasses everything needed for present day end-to-end communication. There is no additional infrastructure needed for high volume and high quality global communication. An enterprise grade networking capacity is ensured to enable smooth and affordable communication.

Simple and secure

Adopting WebRTC standard can be done with ease as it ensures hassle-free implementation. It does not require a lot of technical knowledge. One can adopt and implement it without any prior knowledge of coding. Furthermore, it ensures seamless interoperability between web, mobile, and desktop while having great security and safety.

Quick integration

WebRTC enables easy integration of client websites. There is seamless connectivity between WebRTC clients and VoIP. WebRTC is flexible enough to allow smooth integration with many legacy systems in a business environment such as call centre solutions, CRM systems, websites, etc.

Rich features

WebRTC ultimately allows enterprise grade unified communication features which not only enriches global collaboration via audio/video conferencing solution but also various other advanced call features. The WebRTC-enabled real-time communication features make the interactions extremely effective among the remote teams that work for the same business.

Intelligent routing

Another great feature which is in high demand among today’s business community. WebRTC can define intelligent routing based on the criteria like quality and price along with great billing features.