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Top Reasons to Have a Billing Solution within the VoIP Softswitch Solution

Top Reasons to Have Billing Solution in VoIP Softswitch Solution
VoIP retail and wholesale businesses are one of the fastest-growing businesses in this industry. The traditional telephony solutions are getting replaced by SIP-based telephony solutions. From VoIP termination to end to end VoIP calls with calling card and/or mobile SIP Dialer app are in trend. This has allured many serial business owners and technopreneurs towards[...]
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How to Use Class 4 Softswitch Solution Effectively?

Tips to Use Class 4 Softswitch Solution Effective
The VoIP industry is pretty big and there are many amazing VoIP solutions available in the markets that are making the buzz. Some of the VoIP solutions are actually leading the industry to reach the next level. One of the most popular VoIP solutions is the class 4 softswitch solution. The class 4 softswitch solution[...]
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VoIP Softswitch is Defining New Success Milestones for ITSPs

VoIP Softswitch is Defining New Success Milestones for ITSP
Internet Telecom Service Providers, i.e., ITSPswere using hardware-based infrastructure to provide Telephony services to their clients in the early days of ITSP. The VoIP Softswitch has changed the whole business model of internet telephony services. It has brought software based Softswitches in the picture that can be used in place of the bulky hardware based[...]
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