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Welcome to Vindaloo Knowledge Center.
Vindaloo Knowledge Center (VKC) is a leading training center for PHP, VoIP, Digital Marketing and Mobile Application.

We specialize in catering Industrial and Project Training for better career opportunities.

Course Overview

We at VKC provide professional training tailored to your requirements. Be it working towards your next certifications or improving your technological skills, VKC is always ready to guide the individuals. VKC training program is designed according to competitive market and technical trends. We have a team of certified professionals and experienced mentors who impart technical knowledge on PHP, VoIP, Digital Marketing and Mobile Application Development.

Key Subjects

  • VoIP concepts and fundamentals
  • Understand security risks and best practices of VoIP
  • Upcoming Technologies like Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Everything.
  • Fundamentals of PHP
  • PHP Programming from scratch
  • Advanced PHP Development
  • Mobile app development and implementation (Android, iOS)
  • Digital Marketing: Inbound and Outbound Marketing, Search Engine Optimization(SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC).

Who Can Join Us

  • Students/Professionals/Individuals who want to understand VoIP concepts and solutions.
  • Students/Professionals/Individuals who want to work for Telecom industries with system administrators.
  • Students/Professionals/Individuals who want to learn all-purpose back-end programming languages like PHP.
  • Students/Professionals/Individuals who want to make powerful websites (with PHP).
  • Students/Professionals/Individuals who are looking to make career or switch career in Digital Marketing Industry.
  • Students/Professionals/Individuals who want to develop state-of-the-art mobile apps.

Are you a career enthusiast and keen to excel with best work opportunities?

Look no further. Join our knowledge center to make the most of your skills and career.

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